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Tukolere’wamu tuguse Ensonga Society of Friends (TESF)

TESF Is a group of local Ugandan tour operators cooperating so as to succeed as a group. Many times, small tourism enterprises struggle to compete with the giants already existing in the industry, and its for that reason the propietiers of Chosen Expeditions Limited, Monumental Expeditions Limited, and Adventure in the wild safaris Limited and Engagi Safaris decided to form TESF in 2022 so as to work together to promote their common interests.

“Tukolere’wamu tuguse Ensonga” comes from the Luganda language one of the most popular local dialects in Uganda, which stands for “let’s work together for our common good”.

As a group of companies, TESF members work together to promote their companies through collective effort.

Uganda receives over 400,000 tourists per year. Most of these tourists look out for the best travel companies which are reliable, trust worthy and which are able to provide the best services. As members of TESF, we realized that since there are many tourists who want to come to Uganda and that there is no single company that can be a monopoly.

There is therefore no need of competing as small firms it’s better for us to work together, share ideas and pool resources so as to promote our interests.

Objectives of Tukolere’wamu tuguse Ensonga Society of Friends (TESF)

  • To share and develop marketing ideas and strategies. Collectively members of TESF can share different ideas and strategies on how to approach the tourism market both local and international. This can guide each member company on what to do, so as to get more inquiries, bookings and confirmations.
  • To start a savings scheme were members of TESF can save money. The money can be accessed by members in form of soft loans with a little interest. At the end of the year the members of TESF can divide the savings and or decide to invest it collectively.
  • To collectively own good quality safari cars that can meet the current market standard. Each member of TESF will have favorable terms on the use of the safari car of fellow TESF Members. The cars can also be rented out to non TESF members.
  • To participate in international Expos as a team. Most of the times its hard for any single company to afford an Exhibitor stand at international Expos. Therefore, TESF members, can collectively purchase stands at Major international Expos such that Each member can exhibit as part of the group.
  • To act as an investment club for members: The tourism industry of Uganda still has some gaps where investments can be made. TESF members can through TESF make collective investments such as building lodges in some parks, securing boats, rafting equipment, tents and so much more. Such investments can make profits which can benefit members of TESF.

Become a member

TESF is currently not registering new members, however registration will be opened soon.

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