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Murchison Falls National Park sits on the floor of Albertine rift valley on the shores of Lake Albert and at 3,840km is the father of and largest national park in Uganda. Murchison Falls was gazetted a game reserve in 1926 and promoted into a national park in 1952. Murchison Falls is rich in biodiversity in both flora and fauna consisting close to 109 species of mammals, 451 birds, 145 tree species, many fish, reptile and insect species. It is one of the four protected areas in Uganda dominated by savannah grassland vegetation besides other types of vegetation like grassland forests, water vegetation on the shores of water bodies and equatorial rain forest forms her southern boundaries. The Victoria Nile which plunges 45m over the remnant rift valley wall creating the dramatic Murchison Falls, from which the park gets its name is a prominent feature and all wildlife sustain their lifeline from her.
The safaris into Uganda are entirely complete when one has taken a game drive in the park to view predators on the hunt for game and the prey taking maximum caution to survive. The short savannah grassland dotted with borassus palms and scattered acacia tree with lots of birds of all colours painting the skies are a remarkable sight. Four of the Big 5 giant mammals (lions, elephants, buffalos and leopard) are permanent residents and roam freely in the park in addition to giraffes, the longest land mammal.
Take a safari into Uganda and visit Murchison Falls National Park the setting scene in which the 1950s blockbuster movie; “The African Queen” was shot from. It has never lost little of that touch; the rhinos that were hunted to extinction during the turbulent times of Uganda 1970s.

  • Guided nature walks.
  • Chimpanzee tracking at Budongo Ecotourism site.
  • Launch cruise along the Victoria Nile to view Murchison falls and water wildlife from the river.
  • Early morning and late evening game drives into the savannah grassland.
  • Boat trips to the delta where Victoria Nile joins Lake Albert.
  • Birding safari in several habitats.
  • Hiking the falls to the top.
  • Camping safaris
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