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Apoka Safari Lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge offers a tranquil home base for daring travelers looking for the classic African safari experience in the isolated Kidepo Valley, where Uganda meets the uncharted immensity of Central Africa. You are now on the frontier.

Apoka Safari Lodge.

What makes Apoka Safari Lodge special?

Kidepo National Park includes Apoka in full. Elephants, giraffes, and zebras frequently pass by your accommodation as they travel through the miles-long savannah grasslands all around. Since Kidepo is a very rural area of Uganda, not many tourists visit this amazing part of the country. Those who travel the distance are amply rewarded.

The views from Apoka are magnificent, whether you’re on your individual veranda, the communal living room, or the outdoor stone bathtub. The miles-long savannah is only broken by the towering mountains in the distance.

The lovely lodge Apoka is located in a remote area of East Africa. The Kidepo Valley takes care of everything else while maintaining all the conveniences expected of a luxury lodge, and the service is exceptional.

Rooms and Amenities at Apoka Safari lodge.

After a long day of touring, unwind in one of Apoka’s 10 roomy suites, each of which has two queen-sized mattresses, a private bathroom, a private veranda, and a big outdoor stone bathroom.

A sizable center structure houses a bar, a dining room, and a communal sitting space that lead to a swimming pool (which frequently draws thirsty antelope!). The views from here are obviously breathtaking.

Activities Done While In Stay At Apoka Safari Lodge.

Apoka game drives: are the ideal method to quickly explore the furthest areas of the park and get close to the large species and predators in a safe manner.

Wildlife Walks: Set out on a route while putting your trust in your guide’s knowledge and expertise; you know that without this companion, everything would be a little too wild. Every walk is a memorable experience because of the feeling of vulnerability.

Cultural encounters with the Karamojong: The Karamojong have generally resisted the coming of modernity (although that is starting to change) and continue to lead traditional lives that have not significantly changed since their initial arrival.

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