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Rwenzori Mountains National Park
Mt Rwenzori National Park gets her name from a prominent feature in the Albertine rift valley region; the block Mountain Rwenzori worldly known as –the Mountains of the Moon. She lies on western side of Uganda forming the border boundary with DR Congo a few kilometres from the Equator line. Top of the Rwenzori; Margherita at 5109m is the third highest in Africa and known world over for permanent snow despite being in African tropics known for hot temperatures.
The steep and rugged sides of the mountain have vegetation of all stages starting with savannah grassland on the floor of the rift valley generating into grassland woodland, moorland, bamboo and rich and moist alpine forest. This is a habitat for lots of mammal, birds, reptile, insects and other species though because of the steep and rugged terrain it is often hard to see mammals save for monkeys atop trees by the trail system. For this reason, the safaris into Rwenzori Mountains are ideal for the adventure travellers seeking to do hiking, nature walks, mountaineering and sightseeing rather than for travellers in search of big herds of mammals roaming anywhere anyhow. The 9 days / 8 nights circuit hike to the snow capped Marghareta peak 5,110m is one of the most beautiful on the planet, does not necessarily need prior mountain climbing experiences and offers a lengthy time to interact with and get very personal with nature and Africa.
• Mountaineering safaris
• Mountain hikes
• Bird watching
• Community walks

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