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Queen Elizabeth National Park

This national park is found in south western Uganda in kasese district. The park was established  in 1952, and it is one of the largest in Uganda which  adjoins the frontier of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Its vegetation consists mostly of thickets of various types of small trees, including the acacias.

Queen Elizabeth National Park covers an area of 1978 km2 located in South Western Uganda on the floor of Albertine rift valley between Lakes George and Edward. Safaris into Uganda most often go through Queen Elizabeth National Park as the most popular and visited park. Several factors explain this with the most genuine being because of high populations of and high densities of wildlife species, beautiful scenic views and easy accessibility on the main gateway to urban centres.

The park is named Queen Elizabeth in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II Great Britain’s historical visit to the area in 1954. The choice of the place for Her Majesty’s visit and adopting her name clearly sums up the beauty of the place. From that time on, Queen has been Uganda safaris’ number one destination. The park boasts of four out Big 5 giant mammals in Africa; lions, elephants, leopards and buffalos and on any game drive there are high chances of viewing more than 75% of them. The southern sector of Ishasha has a very rare species of lions that are adapted to climbing trees and cannot be found anywhere else on Ugandan soil.

The Kazinga channel is an unmistaken feature in park that connects Lakes George and Edward and all wildlife in one way or the other owe their survival to it and to the visitors of Queen, the centre of tour satisfaction. Take launch cruise on the sparkling waters of the channel onto Lake Edward. Feel the cool breezes of lake brush your skin.  Breath in the air that smells purely wild with no pollutants while you are at an arm’s length close to yawning hippos basking in the sun and huge elephants and others mammals cooling off the heat of the afternoon burning sun. Big swarms of different bird species perched on the shores will do magic to your adventure safari senses. You will have everlasting memories of safaris into Africa written in your mind better than elsewhere.

The beautiful scenic views of Queen Elizabeth include luxuriant savannah grassland with almost evenly scattered acacia trees in which several mammal species are on show for photo opportunity. There are empty craters in the Kikorongo area very attractive to the eye and the views of the sun setting beyond the Mitumbi hills across the Congo is one of the highlights of Uganda safaris and will always flash in your memory for ages ahead.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one dream destination that caters for all categories of travellers offering a multitude of adventure travel opportunities. Little wonder it is one destination any keen traveller should never miss on a safari to Uganda.


It is found in kasese in the south western Uganda. It occupies an area of 764 square miles in a region of rolling plains east of Edward and foot hills south of Rwenzori mountains.

Activities carried out in queen Elizabeth national park.

Game drives

The major highlight of a visit to the park are the scenic game drives that give you a chance to view even the most elusive of the park’s fauna. These drives are most done during the nights and mornings hours.  Your driver guide will help you in the search for the different wild life.  during the game drive you will spot the elephant being the largest mammal, the antelope, the hyena, lions, buffaloes, kobs, leopards to mention but a few.

Bird watching

Queen Elizabeth is one of the Uganda’s top birding spots. A haven of over 600bird species, the enthusiastic bird watcher is in for a major delight at the park. Some of the birds include, sedge warbles, pink backed pelican, yellow throated cuckoo, owls to mention but a few.

Boat trip

This takes place on the kazinga channel along natural water channel linking lake Edward to lake George .During the cruise the tourists get to enjoy the various sights and sounds that the parks rich aquatic life extravagantly offers. Besides the large hippopotamus taking drips in the water, the fierce Nile crocodiles basking lazily on the channel banks to feel the sun warmth.

The tree-climbing lions of ishasha

Not every day that you see the lions climbing the trees and in fact it was considered safe to climb the trees once you were chased by the lions. Not while here in ishasha sector though, a region comprising of a portion of queen Elizabeth national park. Here lions perched up on acacia and fig trees are an enchanting sight to behold. The ishasha sector where these lions are found is accessible on the journey to or from the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park as one heads or returns from gorilla trekking in the forest.

Summary of All Activities

  • Morning and evening game drive to explore the wilderness and view wildlife.
  • Launch cruise on Kazinga Channel.
  • Bird watching safaris with more than 600 bird species inhabiting the park.
  • Chimpanzee trekking safari in the Kyambura gorge.
  • Air balon safaris
  • Scenic views to Lake Katwe and Kikorongo explosion craters
  • Forest walk to Bat caves and view Rock pythons and forest cobras.
  • Cultural walk to indigenous communities on fish landing sites and traditional dancers
  • Camping safaris

Lodges in queen Elizabeth national park.

  • Marafiki safari lodge Ishasha jungle lodge
  • Aramaga rift valley lodge
  • White house hotel
  • Pumba safari lodge
  • Kasenyi safari camp
  • Ishasha wilderness camp
  • Mweya safari lodge.
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