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Is it safe to travel to Uganda 2022 / 2023

Uganda The Safety In Uganda Today has increased from secured to Protected in every part of Uganda, and both regional security and internal instability in Uganda comes to our notice that it really enforced by patriotic army men and patriotic doctors and nurse for disease control and population control by the policemen

Safety In Uganda Today

Is it safe to travel to Uganda 2022 – An increased number of foreign people and visitors have continuously had a myth over the past years up to date that Uganda is alternatively not a good country for one to go for a safari which said: “the country is dangerously full of risks, increased crime rates, terrorism and so on.” However, on the other hand, this mambo Jambo is not true, Uganda is also a good country to visit. This is because of its hospitable people that are welcoming, attractions such as wildlife, national parks, mountains, and so on. These have attracted a lot of clients for a safari to Uganda.

Context clues.

Just like other continents, the pearl of Africa is a home of very clear images and visceral reactions

Africa, perhaps unlike any other continent, is a place of bold images and visceral reactions. Mention the name and the chances are people will evoke war, mud huts, disease and dictators just as much as they will lions, elephants, ancient civilizations and sandy beaches.

The reality is, that, just like any other place, the African continent is a land of complex truths, delicate nuance and ever-changing reality.

The truth is that that is the reason as to why we really give you short and brief answers when you ask us questions. But it is also why we will always send you away contented with the information to make the best decision for your organization.

Security is a major concern of many people travelling to foreign countries. We live in an era where the threat of terrorism is ever present. Its not just about receiving protection from the police, but also feeling safe and secure in a new environment.

In this article we will explore the various ways to stay safe when travelling abroad and how to reduce your risk of being a victim of terrorism while abroad.

The first thing you should consider is whether or not you need to travel at all. If you are able to avoid international travel, it may be wise to do so. However, if you are determined to go on you trip despite the risks, there are steps that can help minimize those risks while abroad.

The African continent is a vast and diverse place. It is a home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, as well as some of its poorest nations.

It has been said that Africans security challenges are not going to be solved by military intervention or by peacekeeping missions alone.

To address the continent’s many challenges, we need a more holistic approach that takes into account the social and economic realities on the ground.

In general, African countries are more chaotic and amp; unpredictable than other regions. We cant predict what will happen in any African country in the future.

The presence of radial Islamist groups has been a major issue in Africa for decades. The United states has tried to help African countries fight terrorism by providing weapons, intelligence and training.

In this section, we will talk about regional security. We will discuss the importance of regional security in a globalized world and how it can be achieved.  We will also talk about the role of government in ensuring regional security.

Sensitization and continuity of convising   people about the safety of Uganda, the good things in Uganda and so on are needed to increase the number of clients who are coming for a Uganda safari.  This will help tourists to help them know that the country they are going to is   safe to visit and go for a safari. More so, it helps to build and increase the client’s confidence and love to visit Uganda

Regional Security in Uganda.

Uganda has been a member of the African union and the East African community since 2000.This means that Uganda has peaceful relations with its neighbors including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Uganda is a member of the United Nations and so is committed to upholding peace in the world. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country in central Africa that borders Uganda.  The two countries share a common border and have a long history of conflict.

The Democratic Republic of Congo remains unstable and badly governed country with significant ethnic violence, recurrent armed conflicts, and widespread poverty. This country’s main border is with Uganda where the population has been displaced by conflicts.

The Uganda Defense Force is a strong presence along the border to deter any neighboring naughtiness. Uganda’s military has been mandated to protect the country’s borders and maintain regional security.

Internal Stability in Uganda.

Since 1986, the National resistance movement has been led and governed by president Yoweri Kaguta  Museveni.

The government forces searched for any ways   to defeat the lord’s resistance army when the country remained tormented by conflict in 1990s.However, as time went on, this had to come to an end by 2006.This later made the LRA forces separate its self from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More so, the fire arms were confiscated from Karamojong people who were in the north east by the government of Uganda.  These fire arms were used by the Karamojong in the civil wars in their home area.

However much there is Continued tension in the central government and those that are following in the traditional kingdom, this has not affected the clients.

A big threat to Health.

The pearl of Africa is a tropical country and a habitant to several diseases and infections. However, it has tried to come up with vaccinations to protect the tourists from getting diseases.

Among these days we have malaria, which has been prevented by swallowing anti-malarial tablets. It has also been prevented by providing mosquito nets where clients sleep and therefore keep themselves from mosquito bites.

More so, insect repellants have been provided to kill the mosquitoes that cause malaria.

Tourists have been advised to put-on long-sleeved clothes to protect themselves from unnecessary mosquito and other insect bites.

We always advise people to avoid self-medication and visit hospitals to get consultation from the senior doctors about their health and what vaccinations you are supposed to take.

Ebola outbreak.

Ebola is so far a serious disease that catches people and within a shortest time, very many people have been affected

Central Africa has got several outbreaks of Ebola almost every year. More so, in 2018 August, the western Democratic of Congo had an outbreak of this disease. However, this took some time something like a year before the same disease spread to Uganda despite the fact that Democratic Republic of Congo is a close neighbor to Uganda.

For all the year this disease spent in the democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda was already aware that it will at one time reach to its country. Therefore, with that very many prevention methods and research about vaccinations were put in place to avoid this disease from spreading to our people.

Alternatively, incase there were some who had already been affected, they were put into Quarantine for some hours or months in order to prevent the overspread o the disease to the other people who were not yet infected. More so borders were closed to avoid the continued spread of the same disease.

Continued research was put in place and equipment’s to find out those who are infected and one of the patients was found in kasese district which is a bordering district to the democratic Republic of Congo. But the most impressing thing is that this patient was not next to the national parks where wildlife and primates are found and this later became an advantage to the tourism sector.

There is always an uprising question; how does Ebola spread? Ebola spreads after getting into contact with the bodily fluids of the sick people.

Not only did Ebola exist among people, but research came up in 1970s that this disease was also among   the wildlife and primates such as the chimpanzees, gorillas and so on.

The truth is that the main cause for the transmission of this disease is not yet known however much people have an assumption of body contact with some one’s fluids. This means luck are those who have kept themselves with out getting into contact with other people, communicating because this can lead to sometimes one spitting saliva on you hence contacting the disease.  There for if you have not done any of those, then no worries at all. 

Personal Security.

The hospitality that Ugandan have is a common and famous thing that has welcomed a number of tourists to come for a safari in Uganda.

The pearl of Africa is a peaceful, hospital country that everyone yearns to come and have a glance at. This is because of its very beautiful creatures and attractions such as the primates which include the gorillas and chimpanzees, the wild life such as the Uganda  kob, elephant, lions  which include the tree climbing lions that are unusual to all the national parks, leopards , zebras to  mention it all. Uganda has also got activities such as game drives which help you to move around the national parks with the help of the guides looking at the beauty of country, mountains and so on. All this has made Uganda an amazing country that no one should miss at any point.

Despite the fact that Uganda is a nice, welcoming, hospitality and a peaceful country, it has also been classified as a poor country among all the east African countries and so with this, you need to be extra care full once you arrive in this country for a safari. Make sure that once you are going out for any activity, you carry your important and expensive things with you. Such as the gold necklaces, phones rings and so on.  Otherwise you might be disappointed once you leave them behind.

Therefore, because of this, do not be surprised always to see armed forces such as the police officers with guns moving around while on your safari. We know it very well that some of the clients will always get scared of this including the kids because their home areas are well organized without any instability. But with time, you will get used and you will always be safe from any danger.

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