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Family and Kid Friendly Safaris in Uganda

All you need to know about travelling to Uganda as Family for a Safari holiday.

Family Safari in Uganda with Kids

Family Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is a fantastic destination for family safaris, offering a unique blend of wildlife, culture, and adventure, family safari in Uganda can be incredibly rewarding and an exciting vacation for both parents and children. Uganda is a downed with a number of attractions ranging from the lakes and rivers, National parks with several game species, the natural beauty, let alone our climate, Uganda’s climate is conducive with warm and cold temperatures all year round. Furthermore, the cultures, Ugandans are known to be warm, hospitable and genuine interest in interacting with others. A family safari in Uganda, also offers an opportunity to expose the children to cultures, societies that are completely different from their own at much younger age which in along run, may have an impact as they grow older.

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3 Day Murchison Falls Family Safari

Three Days Family friendly Safari to murchison Falls National Park. See the Big Five African Game.

Detailed itinerary
3 days queen elizabeth family safari

3 Days Queen Elizabeth Safari

3 Days Family, Kid-friendly Safari to see the wildlife in Queen Elizabeth. Expect Lions, hippos, elephants, buffalo etc

Detailed itinerary

6 Day Murchison & Queen Elizabeth

The 6 days Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth Safari is one of the best family safari packages in for wildlife in Uganda.

Detailed itinerary

7 Days Uganda Family Safari

Explore the best of Uganda wildlife and primates in a thrilling 7 day safari tour. Wildlife, Gorillas and chimpanzees.

Detailed itinerary

10 Days Family Safari in Uganda

Explore Uganda’s top national parks in this amazing 10 days Uganda Safari experience. Gorillas, chimps & Big five.

Detailed itinerary

5 Day Murchison Falls Family Safari

5- Day Family safari to murchison falls national park. Enjoy Game drive, boat rides, rhino tracking, chimp trekking.

Detailed itinerary

12 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

Travel across Uganda “the pearl of Africa” visiting the top tourists attractions and national parks.

Detailed itinerary

18 Days Family Safari in Uganda

18 Days Family Safari, visit the top national parks in Uganda, enjoy the best of primates and Savanah wildlife.

Detailed itinerary

Uganda Family Safaris

Of all the best family safari destinations in Africa, Uganda is atop list among the safari destinations that offers the best safari vacations. A Family safari package in Uganda offers a wide range of adventure activities and staying n luxury lodges as well as private villas as well as plenty of attractions to meet the interest of both parents and the children, grandparents as well as the teenagers. Furthermore, Uganda family vacation, provide a rich setting for you to connect with one another and a wonder opportunity for the children to learn about nature, experience different cultures, and also enjoy watching several game species in their natural habitat at a closer range.

Uganda is a perfect destination for nature enthusiast with all year-round experience making it a perfect destination for family holiday vacations. There are several national parks offering perfect safaris for families including Murchison falls, Lake mburo, Queen Elizabeth national parks, Kidepo valley as Uganda wildlife education centers, Ngamba Island among others with several lodges found in each national parks, each offering fascinating and entertaining activities for children ages 3-14 years. Us at Adventure in the wild safaris, we offer all safaris for families both parents and their children. You can be rest assured that your children will always be safe and well cared for both during games and off game drives. Every minute is supervised by our guide and lodge staff who offer endless amusement and information o the children in their care.

Planning A Family Safari in Uganda with Children.

Planning for your family safari vacation, Uganda is atop list and non-stop tourist destination. Uganda is a fascinating destination for family safari vacations with the children. We offer both charming, adventurous, and safe experiences and lodges where your kid are kept active, curious, adored and their interest is enriched. Why wait until when the children are olde enough for them to experience Africa’s Wilderness magic. A family safari holiday in Uganda, will expose the children to different and interesting cultures in Uganda, as well the natural environment.

These kinds of transformative excursions aim to do more than just arouse a love of the outdoors and the natural world. They are about spending quality time on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the entire family, creating priceless memories, and strengthening family bonds

How to plan a family safari in Uganda

Planning a family safari in Uganda that involves kids is a demanding task requiring a considerable amount of cognition and careful consideration of all parts of the journey.

With proper planning, you can make the dream of taking your younger kids, teenagers, and older children on a family safari in Uganda’s wilderness.

Here are some valuable tips on making vacationing in Uganda enjoyable.

  • Start with gradually introducing the idea to the children
  • Use direct flights to eliminate family travel stress
  • Check for age restrictions
  • Include family-friendly activities
  • The family doesn’t have to do all the safari activities
  • Consider an all-inclusive private family safari holiday
  • Bring binoculars, wildlife books, and a healthy supply of snacks
  • Allow everyone to capture the moments
  • Kids enjoy finding smaller creatures
  • Child supervision and safety precautions
  • Read more on the valuable tips for planning a successful journey with the entire family.

Places in Uganda where to experience Family Safari Vacations.

Western Uganda is adorned with some of the best attractions for a family safari vacation, ranging from spectacular landscapes, varied family safari experiences, and stunning wilderness reserves protecting some of Africa’s most cherished animal and several bird species.

The Highlight experience for the teenagers above 15 years, Mountain gorilla tracking /trekking in Bwindi, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest and golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla national park where you will spot other primate species, birds near the spectacular Rwenzori Mountains.

Both kids and Adults will enjoy wildlife adventures in several national parks and conservations in Uganda including;

Murchison falls National Park:

Murchison is located in the North western region of the country; the park is the one of the biggest in Uganda and a home to four of the big five game that you will be able to see during the game drives in the park. Game drives can be done by everyone including the children, elderly.  Game drives are done by 4×4 safari vehicle with pop up roof for game viewing. While on the game drive, you will see lots of wildlife including the big four (lions, elephants, Buffalos, leopards) among others.

Home to the powerful Murchison Falls, families can embark on boat safaris along the Nile River to see hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of birdlife.

Ngamba Island

Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary and UWEC zoo in Entebbe provide promising alternatives for viewing chimpanzees behind a protected fence. For an immersive jungle adventure, you can also book nature walking experiences for kids in Kibale, Kyambura in Queen Elizabeth, and Budongo Forests found in Murchison falls national park.

The most famous driving stops for a family safari in Uganda include Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary en route to Murchison Falls, The Equator crossing, Igongo Cultural Center, Mbarara Town, and Lake Mburo National Park in western Uganda. Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only home where you can find Rhinos in Uganda, this activity best suites both parents and children. Walking through the forest searching for the Rhinos offers a unique experience for children ages 3 and above. You will also be able to see other attractions like the monkeys, baboons, several bird species and other wildlife including warthogs, Waterbucks, Black and white colobus monkeys, Golden created crane, Common duiker among others.

Lake Mburo National Park;

Lake Mburo is one of the smallest parks in Uganda but very much rewarding safari experience with several wildlife species to spotted in the park. Wildlife is Savannah Park offering several activities like game viewing, nature walks, horse back safaris, cycling among other which are also suitable for family safari vacations.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Ugandans second best national park and famous for wildlife safaris, the park is also known for the tree climbing lions as well as the big four game that you will be able to see during the numerous game drives.

Source of the Nile Jinja

The renowned source of the Nile in Jinja located in Eastern Uganda is perfect for active adventures for family vacations in Uganda. Also referred as the capital of East Africa, Jinja draws in lots of travelers/ visitors from all over the world for its activities including the grade five water rafting, Kayaking, bungee jumping, horseback riding, stand- up paddleboarding, quad biking and mountain biking among others.

Whereas kids above the age of 8 years can join the hearth throbbing white water rafting experience in the Nile rapids, the younger ones can be taken on boat cruise on the Nile to the source, check out john Hannington’s Speke’s Monument, eat fish at the floating restaurants, or talk and visit the local markets as well as walk along the jinja colonial street sightseeing.

Kidepo valley national Park

Kidepo valley national also savannah park in the border between Uganda and Sudan while here, you will have the opportunity to go the back of the vehicle and get to explore the see different bird species on foot. Besides the game, you will also enjoy cultural tours like visit the IK people and the Karamojong some of the tribes which are still primitive and have not adopted virilization, they are still pretty much rooted in their traditional belief and way of life.

Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking tours and Safaris

Although Uganda boasts of varied African safari activities, gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking are the main reasons most travelers visit Uganda. However, trekking the great apes may not be suitable for a family safari with kids younger than 15 years.

The minimum age restriction for both experiences is 15 years. However, some safari lodges offer babysitting services when grown-ups join the early morning trekking excursion.

Note: Though special permission for under age children to track Gorrillas and chimpanzee can be granted on request.

Mountain gorillas live at high elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 feet, and nights can get pretty cold. Please allow the kids to acclimatize to the altitude before engaging in active adventures in southwestern Uganda. Book more nights and stay longer at the safari lodge near the visitor center and allow the whole family to get familiar with the environment.

More Relevant information about a family Safari in Uganda

The international airport at Entebbe is at least a 7-to-8-hour-drive from all western Uganda attractions. Kids may find the long-hour drives tedious. Schedule breaks along the routes with fun activities like visiting museums, cultural centers, photography moments, and maybe a night in one of the towns.

Alternatively, take domestic flights between remote destinations to reduce travel time. Uganda has small airstrips with scheduled flights between national parks and the international airport at Entebbe.

If you have enough time on your Uganda family safari vacation, it makes sense to limit your itinerary to fewer places to visit and get the most rewarding experiences for the kids with fewer transfers. Spend more time in fewer destinations to allow the children to get the whole experience than packing all highlights on a single trip.

For example, 2 nights in Kampala/Entebbe, 3 nights in Lake Mburo, 3 nights in Kibale Forest, and 2 nights in Jinja is a good trip for a family with kids. A Family with older children can add 3 nights in Bwindi.

Malaria is a considerable risk for children traveling in Uganda. Even grown-ups are particularly susceptible to catching severe and fatal malaria. Before traveling, you must consult your doctor about taking antimalarial medication for your children. While traveling, try to prevent them from getting bitten by wearing suitable clothing, insect repellent, and sleeping under mosquito nets.

Before booking family safari lodging, check the minimum age policies of lodges and camps with your trip planner. Most camps’ child policy accepts infants of less than five years to share a room with their parents for free, while 5-12 years old have a special child rate. Others have family rooms that accept the entire family to share the same living spaces, offering child-friendly services like menus and guided nature walks for kids. It’s worth researching the best lodges for families before your Uganda trip.

Uganda safaris involve traveling long distances for long hours during the day and staying in very remote places with limited facilities. You may spend long hours in the bush looking for animals, which will require a significant amount of patience and observing necessary but intrusive, demanding safety precautions.

Cut game drive time and hours in the bush into shorter buffs, which will require careful planning that should be more than six months before the trip.

Valuable Planning Tips for family Safari in Uganda

Planning a family safari in Uganda can be an exciting adventure. Here are some valuable tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

Research and Choose the Right National Parks

Uganda is home to several national parks, each offering a unique safari experience. Research the parks and choose the ones that align with your family’s interests and preferences.

Plan Ahead and Book Accommodations

Secure accommodations well in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak seasons. Consider family-friendly lodges or camps that provide a comfortable and safe environment for children.

Check Visa Requirements and Health Precautions

Ensure that all family members have the necessary visas for Uganda. Check with your healthcare provider about recommended vaccinations and take any necessary health precautions.

Pack Appropriate Clothing and Gear

Pack lightweight, breathable clothing in neutral colors for safari outings. Don’t forget essentials like hats, sunscreen, insect repellent, and comfortable walking shoes. Binoculars and cameras will enhance your wildlife viewing experience.

Be Mindful of Wildlife Etiquette

Familiarize yourself and your family with wildlife etiquette. Follow the guidance of your guides and keep a safe distance from animals. Avoid loud noises and sudden movements.

Choose Child-Friendly Activities

Look for safari activities that are suitable for children, such as guided nature walks, bird watching, and shorter game drives. Some lodges may offer special programs or activities for kids.

Engage with a Reputable Tour Operator

Partner with a reputable tour operator with experience in family safaris. They can help customize your itinerary, provide knowledgeable guides, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Consider Travel Insurance

Invest in comprehensive travel insurance that covers unexpected events, including medical emergencies and trip cancellations. Confirm that the insurance policy includes coverage for family members.

Plan for Downtime and Rest

Safaris can be physically demanding, especially for children. Schedule downtime for rest and relaxation. Choose accommodations with amenities like swimming pools to help your family unwind after adventurous days.

Respect Local Culture

Learn about and respect local customs and cultures. This includes understanding the local communities you may encounter during your safari. Teaching children about the importance of respecting different cultures enhances their travel experience.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Bring sufficient water, snacks, and meals, especially during long drives. Staying hydrated and well-nourished is crucial for everyone’s well-being.

Create Wildlife Learning Opportunities

Use the safari as a learning opportunity for your children. Teach them about the wildlife, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. Engage with guides to enhance the educational aspect of the trip.

Remember to be flexible, embrace the adventure, and enjoy the incredible wildlife and natural beauty that Uganda has to offer during your family safari.

Best time to go for family safari in Uganda

The best months for a family safari holiday in Uganda are June, July, August, September, October, December, January, and February. The weather during these months is favorable, with no guaranteed downpours, dry walking trails, and plenty of animals on the arid plains.

Primate experiences are exceptional from June to September. Though, it’s peak season in the country. Lodges and service providers hike prices to take advantage of the high number of travelers. So start planning your family safari in Uganda now!  rafting on the Nile or hiking in the Rwenzori Mountains.


Choose family-friendly lodges or camps that cater to the needs of families, providing comfortable accommodation and amenities suitable for children.

Travel Preparations

Check visa requirements, health precautions, and vaccinations before traveling. It’s essential to be well-prepared, especially when traveling with children.

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