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Kibale Forest National Park
Kibale Forest National Park is 795km2 wide and one of the most beautiful equatorial tropical rain forests with small patches of grassland vegetation on the edges 320km out of Kampala in western Uganda near Fort Portal town. The forest harbours no less than 70 mammal species of these 13 species of primates most notable families of chimpanzees; humankind’s closest cousin in the wild with 98.7% genes similarity.
The forest is widely regarded as the capital city of primates on the African continent for nowhere else in the world do we find more than a dozen different primate species living harmoniously in an area the similar size. There are also Black and White Colobus monkeys, Red- tailed monkeys, Blue monkeys, Red- cheeked mangabeys, Vervet monkeys, Olive baboons amongst others and large mammals like forest elephants, forest buffalos, giant forest hogs, wild pig and others. Note that big mammals are always enclosed behind thick thickets, are shy and hard to see and very wild and aggressive once you bump into them because they are not used to aliens’ (human) presence.
The thick forests of Kibale boast of more than 200 plant and tree species harbouring no less than 375 bird species. There are also many species of reptiles, fish and insects notably beautiful butterflies. For these and other factors adventure safari into Uganda are more rewarding with forest walk under the shade of tree canopy and interact with nature and reality first hand.
• Chimpanzee tracking experience
• Chimpanzee habituation experiences
• Forest walks 1-2 hours
• Birding safaris
• Bigodi community sanctuary swamp walk.
• Crater lakes exploration.
• Plantation farms visitation.

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