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Traveling Solo In Uganda

Solo Traveling is when a tourist goes for safari alone and during their trip, they choose and decide everything such as services, activities, places… based on their individual needs. Solo travelers give the choice and decision by themselves.

Traveling Solo In Uganda.

Adventure in the wild safaris has progressively continued to prepare solo travel packages for thousands of solo travelers every year for a safari in Uganda. During this safari to Uganda, these solo travelers get to enjoy a lot because they get an opportunity to have a glance at different attractions such as vegetation landscapes, and so much wildlife.

On their arrival in the park, they get to enjoy themselves a lot because they are mixed up with others which makes them feel relaxed and enjoy their safari.

Benefits of Solo Travel

First and far most, while on this safari, you will have to take very nice pictures of different attractions. More so, you will get to have a picnic adventure experience on lake Bunyonyi the deepest lake in Uganda.

On this safari, you will have to rise up very early in the morning to do your morning game drive and have a glance at different wildlife such as the elephants, queen Elizabeth national park, get to listen to the singing melodies of different bird species for the bird lovers in different national parks and so many attractions to mention but a few.

One of the greatest things about traveling solo in Uganda is the ability to experience the country on your terms and at your own pace. The rat race doesn’t exist here.

Another benefit of this is that it helps one experience and explore the beauty of Uganda at his or her own rate without expecting competition. 

What To Expect?

The different attractions and activities organized and combined into packages and itineraries are what make Uganda be a great and recognized country for Solo travelers.

The mountain gorillas and chimpanzee trekking are the main activities that one should not miss while on his safari in Uganda.

Alternatively, there are very many other activities that one should not miss on safari, and these include; boat cruises, game drives, camping, relaxing, white-water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, and quad biking these are all the activities on a Ugandan safari.

More so while on this safari, coming across the big 5 is a must. However, some bird species are also seen there such as the shoe bill but to a lesser extent.

Solo Traveling Safely In Uganda


  • In case you would like to access your emergency, phone contacts when you lose your phone, make sure you write and save them down.
  • You have to be so keen and always alert by keeping your eyes looking around in case you want to be updated with everything taking place within.
  • Make sure that you be extra careful with your luggage and belonging and separate it from the others. Remember to carry enough cash with you incase its what you are using and more so remember to use money belt.
  • Since Luganda is a widely used and spoken language in Uganda, you have to try and learn at least  a few words in case you would like to make friends on your safari. However, this does not make English leave its position of being a national language for Uganda.
  • Try to dress decently wen on your safari at least clothes covering the knees and the shoulders. This is to keep the traditional culture of Uganda.


  • Take the responsibility of informing someone next to you in case you have gone somewhere. This will help to keep your safety.
  • Make sure that you keep proper hygiene whenever you are in public places.   There may be opportunists hanging around popular spots.
  • Make sure you that you do not leave anything sorted despite the fact that it may be closed in the car or hidden somewhere. All in all keep your things safe in your accommodation.
  • Uganda has got very attractive mountains that are loved by most people to hike such as the Rwenzori mountain.  However, remember not to hike alone. You have to look for some people and hike with them. Don’t hike alone.


The Solo traveler are always charged a lot of money compared to groups. This is because incase its a group, these people   can share the costs which is not on a solo traveler.

The Solo travelers have costs that they cannot run away from. These include; the mountain gorilla, chimpanzee permits, guiding fees, transportation costs and so many others.

Solo travelers have got control over all the accommodation costs. Uganda has got a number of accommodations ranging from luxury, midrange, and budget. Therefore a client is free to get any option from the lodges of his own choice.

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