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Mountain Elgon National Park

Wagagai Summit hiking on mountain elgon is one of the best activities one can do in mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon National Park

It is a national park 140 kilometers northeast of Lake Victoria. This park is a home to a plethora of wild life. The lower slopes of mount Elgon are inhabited by elephants, buffaloes and a variety of small antelopes. The dense montane forest contains primate such as the black and white colobus monkey and the blue monkey.


It is found in the northeast of Lake Victoria. The park covers an area of 1279 square meters and is bisected by the boarder of Kenya and Uganda. The Ugandan part covers 1110km2 while the Kenyan part covers 169km2.

Activities carried out on mountain Elgon national park.

Rock climbing.

This takes place outside mount Elgon national park at sipi falls, there are several routes that require us with level of rock scaling techinics. The required equipment can be hiked from the sipi falls tourist guide association. The hardest route measures 35meter climb while the easiest is 5 meter. The area is rewarding with great viewing of the falls and the Karamoja plains.

Bird watching.

This refers to the practice of observing birds in their natural environment as a hobby. This is one of the activities in mount Elgon national park. Mountain Elgon is also a great place for travelers who are bird lovers which gives an excellent birding opportunity to exist around the kapkwai forest exploration center. In regard around the secondary forest and thick shrub along the trail to cheptui falls these are the best bird spotting areas and bird species that are African goshawk, white chinned perinea to mention but a few.


At the sipi falls there is an opportunity for spot fishing which will keep you busy as some of the local join you. It provides a good challenge to anyone interested in the rainbow trout. Remember to your own equipment and get a permit from sipi river lodge.

Nature and hiking walk. (Wagagai Summit hiking)

Nature and hiking walks are trails located both within   the park and outside the park. This activity involves walking through mountain Elgon vegetation. At sipi falls, local guides from the community take you in the walks that last for over   two hours to even a whole day walking where you will get to see the stunning views of the Karamojong region and sebei region. There is full hike through the budadiri to mudange cliffs, which is known as the walls of death. These cliffs are located in the tropical forest at the boundary of natural parks.


The mountain rivers plunge over massive cliffs on the northern and western side of mountain Elgon forming some of the most beautiful falls. Among these are three beautiful falls together known as the sipi falls. These are outside the park and a hike to all the three is a fulfilling experience.

Mountain biking.

Kapchorwa and the entire mountain Elgon region provide great mountain biking routes that will keep your adrenaline high as you transverse the area. For one who would like to do this activity, it normally starts from the sipi trading Centre to Chema hill and that is in Kapchorwa.


Lodges in mountain Elgon national park

  • Mountain Elgon lodge
  • Rafiki lodge sipi
  • Lacam lodge in mountain Elgon park
  • Sipi valley resort.
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