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Congo Tours, Congo Safaris, Visit Congo, Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Tour

Congo tours – The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the undiscovered hot selling tourist destinations in Africa. The country is steadily revering from instability with security paramount at tourist sites to ensure that the travelers are protected at all costs. In addition to Rwanda and Uganda, DR Congo is the only other destination where you can track the endangered mountain Gorillas in the world. We offer Gorilla and Nyiragongo hiking Safari packages, which can be customized to fit every traveler’s requirements.

Never be afraid of to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits. Travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo and explore the beautiful apes or primates there including all the other activities. This is a land locked country located in the central Africa having over 25 miles kilometers coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Congo is located in the central western part of sub-Saharan Africa, along the equator, lying between the latitudes 40 N and 50S, and longitudes 110 and 19 0E. To the south and east of the democratic republic of Congo.

Congo tours, Congo Safaris

Congo Gorilla trekking Tours

Congo is somehow special as it has both the lowland and mountain gorillas while its competitors, Rwanda and Uganda only have the mountain gorillas. We offer both Congo lowland Gorilla trekking tour to Kahuzi biega national park and Congo Mountain Gorilla trekking tours in Virunga National park.
Congo safaris are thrilling and adventurous to participate in, contact us to start planning your congo gorilla tours

New beginnings are in order and you are bound to feel some level of excitement as new chances come your way. The gorilla trekking tours will help you feel differently and excited after seeing these beautiful primates in their natural habitats

The Congo tours will organize many different packages to their clients which include the gorilla tour packages, Chimpanzee trekking packages, golden monkey trekking and so on.

When to go to see the mountain gorillas in Congo.

The democratic republic of Congo has got over two types of seasons and that is the dry season and the wet season. The dry season happens over two times in a year and also the wet season happens two types in a year. More so this happens like most countries lying along the equator zone, Uganda, Rwanda, and the democratic republic of Congo. All these have the same seasons. The dry seasons falls in the months between December, to February and again between June to September. In this case, the dry season has got the highest advantage and clients. This is because all the lands are clear without mud that makes the ground slippery to make the clients fall down. This has made most clients to turn up avoiding the problems of the wet seasons.

Nyiragongo Hiking Safaris

Nyiragongo Hiking Safaris – Mountain Nyiragongo is an active stratovolcano located in eastern DRC, we recommend hiking mountain Nyiragongo as an added activity to your Rwanda Gorilla trek, or Congo gorilla tour.

The nyiragongo volcano trek package is a short but interesting and amazing hiking safari where by the travelers arrive in the Goma town, they hike up the mountain and spend a night up at the volcano. Then the next day they descend and conclude with their safari.

When going for the nyiragongo hiking safaris, the travelers are meant to cross the Grande Barriere border by at least 7 am. The travelers will have to check in the Virunga national park offices for tourism at least 8am.

In this case, the offices for the Virunga tourism offices are situated at the Grande Barriere boarder post building and that is opposite where the passport control is found. While in the Virunga tourism offices, the clients who have arrived will be given a permit and this permit is to help them in the hiking because they will be asked to show it once they reach there.

As soon as this checking in of the clients is done, the clients will be directed to the kibati patrol post and this is where the Virunga hiking starts. The trekking starts at exactly 10 am. This will take you some how good quite of time because it is some how too far and there fore the clients will reach by 5 pm. While at the top of the Virunga, the clients will spend their night as they enjoy the view of the red-hot lava.

On the second day, the clients start to descend from the mountain to kibati patrol post. And by 6 am the clients are supposed to be concluding their nyiragongo volcano trekking.

As son as the clients arrive at the bottom of the mountain after their hiking, they are dropped to Goma and then Grande Barriere.

The above package of Nyiragongo hiking includes the following;

  • The stay on Nyiragongo summit and that is for one night.
  • Transport going and coming back from kibati ranger post.
  • The permit for volcano trekking.

The package excludes the following;

  • Porter fees.
  • Ranger guides.
  • Tips to the local people.
  • Airtime.
  • Drinks.

Where to stay?

Every morning starts a new page in your story. Therefore, travel to Congo and explore the different activities and lodges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a land locked country which gives hope and promises unforgettable adventure. The Democratic republic of Congo has got accommodations which are charming and attractive to most clients with nice cottages  that give peace and freedom to clients to feel like they are home away from their homes.

Some of the accommodations in Congo include, the Fleuve Congo Hotel by Blazon Hotels, the kin plaza Arijaan by Rotana, pullman Kinshasa grand hotel.

Fleuve Congo Hotel by Blazon Hotels

This Hotel is situated 400 m from the embassy of France in Kinshasa, kin plaza Arijaan by Rotana features. The hotel has got a restaurant well stocked with all that is needed to the client to survive and his well-being during his trip. It has also got free Wi-Fi, the sauna, to make them strong and fit after their long day of trekking, Television, air conditioner and so on. The hotel has got a bar which is well equipped with all the alcoholic drinks that a client may prefer. More so this hotel hires vehicles to other people who may be in need so that the tourists have a move easily. This Congo hotel is known for its good cares to clients and makes it the best.

NOTE; All the rooms are ensuite with bathrooms, showers, water inside, toilets and many more.

Kin Plaza Arijaan by Rotana

This hotel is situated just 400 m from the embassy of France in Kinshasa. Kin Plaza Arijaan by Rotana is composed of features such as the restaurant which has got all the types of meals that a client may wish to eat and what he or she has ordered for. The hotel has got a well-organized, welcoming, and trained staff which has got care and provides all the services needed by the client to stay during his trip. More so the hotel has got a sauna, gym, steam that helps the client to relax after his all day of trekking and hiking to the nyiragongo mountains. It has also got a tv flat screen that helps a client to relax and feel like he or she is at a home away from their homes. Kin Plaza Arijaan by Rotana has got rooms which are ensuite with almost everything inside. In this hotel, Car hire is available for all people who may be in need.

Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel

Pull man Kinshasa grand Hotel is a hotel that   provides stunning views of the Congo river. This hotel is basically located in the Gombe area of the city of Kinshasa. It offers an outdoor a swimming pool, sauna, steam, gym that helps them to be physically fit and relax after their long day of trekking and hiking. It has also got trained staff with a restaurant which provides all the types of meals that a client may wish to have and what he or she ordered for. The hotel has got a luxurious room which has got a television that helps the clients to relax. The hotel has also got a bar which is well stocked with all the types of alcoholic drinks that a client may wish to take. It has also got a play ground where the clients play from tennis and relax from. The hotel has also got cottaged rooms which are ensuite with bathrooms, toilets, and water inside.

How much does a gorilla safari cost in 2022?

Gorilla trekking in the democratic Republic of Congo is very wanted and interesting. This is because it brings in a lot of profits and more money to the government of Congo.  The cost of gorilla trekking in the democratic republic of Congo is at 400 dollars cheaper than all the other countries. These   permits are got by booking with a tour operator in one of the companies in Uganda such as the Adventure in the wild safaris. We always advise our clients to book for the permits   at least 6 months before the travelling date to the park for trekking.

NOTE; we Always advise our clients to book for the permits from a company they really know and they are conversant about. This will help them to get guidance and clear advice about which family you are

going to trek and in which part of Congo in order to avoid in convenience and getting confused on the last day of trekking.

More so booking with known companies and tour operators helps you to get trained rangers who will help out the clients while stuck in the jungle hence this helps you to get good reviews and keeps the clients happy.

Where can I see the gorillas in Africa?

Congo has got over two national parks where one can see the gorillas from and these include;

The Virunga Massif and the Kahuzi Biega national park. These parks welcome all kinds of visitors from different areas despite of there religion culture and so on. More so they welcome both foreign and non-residents.

Where to go for gorilla trekking in Congo.

While in Congo, you can only trek in the Virunga Massif, the Kahuzi Biega national park to visit the lowland gorillas for trekking which is also a remarkable experience and an activity, Odzala Kokoua national park.

Congo National Parks

Kahuzi Biega national park

Kahuzi Biega national park is a park in Congo covering an area of 6000 square kilometers. This is one of the biggest national parks in the country. This park is set in both mountainous and low land terrain and it is one of the last refuges of the rare species of eastern lowland gorilla an endarged   under the IUCN Red list. Kahuzi Biega national park is an outstanding universal value straddling the Albertine rift and the Congo Basin. Kahuzi Biega national park is an exceptional habitant for the protection of the rainforest and the eastern lowland gorilla, Gorilla berengei graueri. This park gets its name from two extinct volcanoes known as the Kahuzi and Biega.

Salonga national park.

Salonga national park is Africa’s largest tropical rainforest reserve. This national park is located in the heart of the central basin of the Congo river, the park is very isolated and accessible only by water.

Garamba national park

This national park located in the north eastern democratic republic of Congo and it is among the oldest parks which was designed as a world heritage site by UNESCO IN 1980.This park lies between the transition zone between two centers of endemism and that is the Guinea Congolian and the Guinean Sudanese savannah.  The reason was to protect the critical habitant for the northern white rhinoceros, elephants, hippopotamuses, and lastly the giraffes.

This park was established in 1938.Garamba national park   covers an area of 4900km2 in the north eastern part.

Mangroves national park

Mangroves National Park is the only marine park in the country and the mangrove forests in the park are distinct from the ones found in South Asia. The park is home to snakes, crocodiles, hippos, bushbucks, southern reedbuck and several species of primates.

Maiko national park

Endeavor not to miss the exploration of Maiko national park in Congo the amazing national park that is meant to  conserve  and  protect the eastern lowland gorillas which are only reallocated in the democratic republic of Congo and the Kahuzi Biega national park which  has also got almost the same gorillas like that of Maiko. Maiko national park This park is so far the second home for these low land gorillas and the Okapi wild life viewing. The park lies in a remote forested area of the country and covers over 10885km2.Maiko national park was then divided into three sectors that is the Nord Kivu, the province and the Maniema.

Virunga Massif National Park

This national park covering over 790000 ha comprises an outstanding diversity of habitants, ranging from swamps and steppes to the snowfields of Rwenzori at an altitude of over 5000m, and from lava plains to the savannahs on the slopes.

What country provides the best option for mountain Gorillas. Comparing Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

 Here most people ask what is the best country for a client to trek? This is always not an easy question to answer because all the countries have got gorillas and very nice accommodations that are good looking and attractive hence this leads to the coming in of very many   visitors from different countries and places to trek the gorilla. But however, this cannot stop us from getting the best country for a client to trek at least lets trek comparing the prices of the gorilla permit between these countries. The democratic republic of Congo will take the best and first place because it has so far got the lowest price for their permits among all the three countries Rwanda, Uganda and Congo its self where people go for trekking. The permit for the democratic republic of Congo costs only 400 dollars.

NOTE:  We always humbly request Clients to keep calm about the high price of gorilla trekking. This is because some of the money is used to care about the   population of the mountain gorillas and maintain them increasing and healthy so that you find them each time you come back. More so on the other hand, after the trekking and having spent an hour with the gorillas in the jungle, a client is given a trekking certificate to thank you and to prove that you have been in Congo for trekking.

Packing list for Gorilla tours in Africa.

While preparing for the gorilla trekking in Congo, you have to get ready for every situation and the condition you find in the jungle. This is because life is not easy while in the jungle there are many issues more so for those who are allergic to some weather conditions. Therefore, the following are things that should not miss on your packing list. The water proof gumboots, the shoes that are water proof, long sleeved shirts to help you from the itching branches, the long trousers to help you from the grass on the ground while moving and more so it should be more comfortable.

  • Remember to also carry the rain coats and the umbrellas.
  • More so remember to also carry the gloves to help you from the thorns and the itching grass.
  • Remember to also carry the sun glasses to help you from the direct sunlight.
  • Remember to also carry the hut to also help you from the sunlight.

Remember to carry some snacks and water while on your to trekking. This is because you will not be allowed to go back to the lodge when the trekking has started and before it gets done.

How difficult is gorilla Trekking?

Put the fear aside and dream to leave in a country which is amazing, good looking with great primates. Congo has got mountain gorillas which have continued to attract several clients to come for trekking. However, there are some difficulties that have been found while trekking in Congo and these include;

The location of Mountain gorilla’s family.

The mountain gorillas in Congo are very difficult to find at times because they graze from far from the lodge and in the jungle. Congo has got over eight habituated gorilla families Such as the Bageni family group, the Kabirizi group, Nyakamwe group, the Munyaga group, the Rugendo, the Lulengo group, and the Mapuwa group. Some of these families are located far and therefore this makes it difficult sometimes for the trekkers to trek.

The time, year and season of the trekking mountain gorillas.

Visiting of Congo national parks to trek the mountain gorillas is done through out the year but however, the best time to go for gorilla trekking in Congo is during the country’s two dry seasons which are January and February and then June to September. The months of June, July, August, September, January and February are the best times to go for the gorilla trekking. Visiting Congo  national parks   to trek the mountain  gorillas is done throughout the year .But however , the clients are advised to come and trek in the months of between June , to September and December to February .This is because these months are always dry and therefore this  helps  the clients to hike easily without any disturbance like sliding in the jungle while trekking the gorillas. The trails are always very dry where the clients pass to the jungle to trek without getting  any disturbance.


The age limit of the mountain gorilla trekker.

Since the trekking involves hiking to look for the gorilla families, this means it requires mature people who are energyetic and they should be 15 years and above. The kids who are below 15 years are no allowed to hike in search for the gorillas because they might get problems there and maybe even faint. Therefore, this becomes also a factor to the difficult of trekking gorillas generally.


The fitness and the ability or the health of the gorilla trekkers.

 The truth is always that you cannot hike to the jungle to trek without energy. The hiking really needs to be strong and energyetic because you might get too tired while hiking since some of the gorilla families sometimes hide far in the jungle when they are grazing.  Therefore, It becomes difficult for the people with health problems to go trekking in the jungle. And more so the elders who have over grown and their bones are too weak , they are also advised not to hike into the jungle to trek because  it will  become  hard for them to climb up and trek these primates .Therefore the trekking of gorillas requires people who are physically fit and energetic and don’t have health problems to hike up to the mountain and start trekking.

The accessibility of the national parks and the gorilla families where to trek in Congo.

In this case, finding most of the gorilla families in Congo where to trek  is not so simple. This is because some of them are located very far in the hilly places which are not easy to reach. Therefore, it makes some clients fail to trek avoiding the long journey drive.


Gorilla trekking rules for post Covid visitors.

The trekking of Gorillas in the Democratic of Congo and it starts at exactly 8 am where by it starts with a brief briefing at the park headquarters where by the ranger guide gives them rules and the regulations of trekking the gorillas. Once they are done with this, they are then divided into groups of 8 who enter into the jungle to then start the trekking. Once you get the gorilla families, you are allowed to stay with them for over an hour having fun and taking some of the photos.

What to expect on a gorilla Safari?

The fact of the matter is   that gorilla trekking is a very interesting experience all-round the years since it happens throughout the year. On the hand, most people prefer trekking gorillas in the dry seasons because there are a few registered cases of accidents in the jungle of falling down and getting injuries.

Gorilla trekking in Africa is done in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and the republic of Congo.

The mountain gorilla trekking begins very early in the morning at 7 am with a briefing at the pack headquarters about the rules and regulations of trekking the gorillas. From there, you are divided into a group of 8 members in each group who then enter into the jungle to start off the trekking. Once you get these primates, you are given ample time to relax with them, take photos and then have fun.

what to expect while on the gorilla trekking safari?

The gorilla trekking pack list

It is the role of the  client  to remember and  pack some  essential things while setting off to start the trekking such as the water proof gumboots, the hats to help you from the direct sunshine, sticks to help you while hiking, drinking water, gloves, the sun glasses to  also help you from the direct sunlight, the umbrera   and rainfall jacket  to help you from the rains while in the jungle trekking etc

Hiking in the wild to look for the gorilla families

Immediately after having your morning tea, you will get to the park headquarters to have a briefing and then get to the park to start the trekking. The expected real time for trekking should be 1 hour but however, you may even go beyond this to 8 hours because the gorillas might be grazing from far in  the jungle.

An encounter with gorillas in Congo

This is a session of  time during your trip  when the clients are ready to move with these primates and interact with them, take photos and then have fun. During this time, the clients are required to keep their voices low, keep a distance from them to void infecting them with diseases, avoid direct looking into their eyes, and Keep calm if attacked

Awarding of the trekking certificates

These awards are   usually given to the travelers who have come to trek after their hour of trekking and spending with the mountain gorillas. This is to show that they have been in the jungle of Congo in Virunga national park trekking the gorillas and that they have had some good understanding of the gorillas’s behaviours

How can I Visit gorillas in Congo?

The travelers from Uganda side cross at the Bunagana border post in Kisoro town and take an hour drive to Bukima the mountain Gorilla trek starting point. The Ethiopian Airways operates single flights each week to Goma. The par arranges private  transport for travelers arriving by air at the Goma Airport.

How to get a gorilla trekking permit in Congo

Getting a gorilla permit in Congo is not so difficult rather you can get it by booking a gorilla trekking permit directly in the democratic republic of Congo just like 3 months before the  trekking date or you can contact the Virunga park offices in Goma town where you can reach out to them by either email or telephone calls.

On the other hand, a gorilla permit in the democratic republic of Congo can also be got from a tour operator in Uganda that a client trusts very much for example a client may choose to book with the one and only company known as the Adventure in the wild safaris. This will help you get the best services and the advices about the trekking and you will get know most of the information before you even reach the trekking country and destination.

Discounted Gorilla Trekking permit in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This permit was introduced in 2018 and this was in the low seasons. This was done to always attract very many clients to come and book for the gorilla permits. Therefore, it was done as a marketing thing to show people that there are many low land and mountainous gorillas in the Virunga national park.

Due to the increased wars in the Congo, many clients had a thought that there had been reduction in the mountain gorillas therefore this led to the reduction of number of people and which led to the discounted gorilla trekking permit in the democratic republic of Congo.

What to wear when going for trekking.

While going for the trekking activity in the democratic republic of Congo, you have to remember to carry specific clothes which you will use as your clothes while hiking.

Below are the clothes one can wea while going to trek;

  • Gumboots which are water proof
  • Camping shoes which are water proof.
  • Umbrellas to help you from rain fall.
  • Sun glasses to help you from the direct sunlight.
  • Long trousers to guard you from the itching grasses in the jungle.

Remember to also put on gloves to protect you from the thorns and the branches from cutting you.

How do mountain gorillas feed?

The mountain gorillas in Congo are selective foragers as they do not scavenge on a single plant all through. They can eat bits of fleshy leaves from one plant and then eat stems from another and then eat roots from a totally different one.

The mountain gorillas always make sure that when they eat on a certain place they do not finish up. They eat a particular part and then allow the growth of certain vegetation on a particular part.

Are mountain gorillas dangerous?

As you may get to know, these gorillas you get to visit on your Congo safaris tours are habituated which means they have been accustomed to human visit in the natural habitat. The mountain gorillas or even the lowland gorillas will only attack or charge at a human once they feel threatened by them.


what next after finding the gorillas?

Immediately you find the gorillas on your trekking day, you will be given ample time to stay with the gorillas for over one hour having fun and then taking photos with them. More so the client can also continue observing the gorillas as they ask questions about the gorillas.

On the other hand, during this period of time, the clients are not allowed to eat or even drink anything not even using cameras which have flash lights while taking photos.

As soon as the ne hour elapses, the clients are asked to get back to the lodge and rest as they prepare for the other activity. This is because once you stay near these gorillas for some quite a long time, these gorillas feel more uncomfortable and they think they can get diseases.

The age limit of the mountain gorilla trekkers.

 It   is well known that all the trekking involves hiking to look for the gorilla families, this means it requires mature people who are energyetic and they should be 15 years and above. The kids who are below 15 years are no allowed to hike in search for the gorillas because they might get problems there and maybe even faint. Therefore, this becomes also a factor to the difficult of trekking gorillas generally is allowed to trek the mountain gorillas.


What is included in a gorilla permit?

The permit only includes the trekking of gorillas and the trekking certificates after the trekking.

Cost of transport in Congo.

The rates in Congo include a well organized and standard safari van, a gorilla trekking land cruiser. However, on the other hand, if a client prefers any other vehicle, he or she is given the opportunity to choose on his or her own a car of his choice or he can even decide to travel on using public means. However, this is not recommended to our clients and not advised at all.

Congo gorilla trekking permit.

The Congo gorilla trekking permit costs 400dollas and that is for the foreign residents,150 dollars for the democratic republic of Congo residents. This is so far the country with the cheapest gorilla permit. This country welcomes clients who want to trek from different areas and foreign countries despite of their region, culture and so on. Therefore, while planning to budget for your trip to Congo to start the trekking, the cost for the permit should be first to think about and put in mind.

When should I book my gorilla trekking permit?

A gorilla trekking permit in Congo is something very easy to acquire provided that you get right the rules and the procedures of getting it. When getting a gorilla permit, you should put in mind the time and period of acquiring it for example a gorilla permit  should be acquired in advance at least 3 to 6 months before the trekking date because the gorilla trekking permits are competitive and get sold out especially in those of  Virunga  national park trekkers, the Kahuzi Biega national park and so on. This is because it is the most visited national parking Congo more so during the peak season in the months of June, July.

When is the best time of year to trek the mountain gorilla.

The best time for the clients to travel to Congo for trekking is during the dry seasons and these are  the most comfortable days for trekking. The months include December, to early February, and June to September. Do not be put off by the rains of November and March, may, as you will have the forests and mountains to yourself, the guides and the gorillas.

How long is a Gorilla trek in Congo?

 A gorilla trekking permit in Congo Includes the one hour give to you that you spend with the mountain gorillas in the Virunga massif national park and the eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega national park. However, the trekking of Mountain gorillas can also take up to 8 hours since most of the gorillas like grazing from far. But however, note that gorilla trekking can not take more than a day not even a whole a day.

Which company should I use for gorilla trekking?

Most of the clients choose companies to help them in booking for the gorilla permits by following very many factors and reasons.

It is believed that we have got an increased number of tour companies and tour operators in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Therefore, any client who may like to book a permit for trekking chooses it depending  on different factors such as ;

  • The price for the trekking permits.
  • The increased number of the mountain gorillas.
  • The availability of gorilla permits.
  • The reviews made by most clients about that trip in a chosen company of your choice.
  • The marketing rate on the websites.
  • The customer care given to the clients.
  • The comments made on the company by different people who use it while going for trekking.
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