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When to Visit Uganda

Uganda sits on the equator and so temperatures are consistent throughout the year. Rainfall is all that separates the seasons. March to May is the long rainy season, and October to November is the short rainy season. The country can be visited year-round.

When is the best time to visit Uganda?

Uganda in January

Among all the twelve months of the year, January has so far won itself the first position of being the driest month. This is because during this month, the skies are all clear and blue, the roads are dry and clear too to enable easy movement and reduce on the risks of accidents.  Therefore this makes January the best month to visit Uganda and do a lot of activities including gorilla trekking which requires dry landscapes to enable easy movement of people and hence successful activity.

For more information, have a glance at our guide to visiting   Uganda in January.

Uganda in February

As we said earlier in the above statement that January takes up the first position, it is then followed up by February being also among the dry months. This month has also favored the clients who have come to Uganda for trekking and more so other activities that require hiking and game drives.

In this month, the activity of the boat cruise is done perfectly and all the animals are viewed clearly by the clients without being disturbed by the rains.

Uganda is known as the best country so far that welcomes clients who are bird lovers because it has got an increased number of bird species. The best months for sighting these birds’ species is during the months of December through  February. However, one may ask the reason as to why we always add in February, this is because this month always brings in migratory birds which lead to an increased number of bird species.

Uganda is a wonderful birding destination year-round, but the clear conditions make for better sightings, and December through February brings a wealth of migratory birds.

For more information, have a glance at our guide to visiting Uganda in February.

Uganda in March

This is the first month of the year in which the rainy season starts. This rainy season goes up to the month of May. During these months, the rains are too much, heavy, and consistent to an extent that they can start from morning or afternoon until late.

During this month, the roads, the jungles, and national parks are too muddy and challenging for one to walk in and do some of the expected activities such as gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. however, you can continue and do your activities with the help of the rangers who will carry you up in case you need help. Therefore, this cannot stop you from visiting Uganda for an adventure safari.

During this month, a client is advised to come with waterproof shoes, gumboots, clothes, and so on to help you go through this hectic but enjoyable activity.

In this month of the rainy season, these primates tend to come down from the higher areas to the lower slopes to get warmth and heat. This makes it easier for the clients to enjoy and see clearly the gorillas and chimps.

 For more information, have a glance at the guide to visiting Uganda in March.

Uganda in April

This is the month of the year when too many rains come in and to an extent that they are worse even dangerous.

Clients who travel to Uganda during this month are always favored with very cheap accommodations because there is no competition in the parks and the number of clients coming in is very few. Therefore, you will have to enjoy alone in the wilderness and have an adventure experience and memorable safari listening to the nice voices of the singing birds and so on.

Do not be surprised by coming across the slippery, bumpy, muddy, and disturbing roads making your drive difficult.

For more information have a look at our guide on visiting Uganda in April.

Uganda in May

May is the final month of the rainy season. However, we still have some hope of the rains and making it harder and more difficult for trekking and make it also more worse for the roads.

For more information have a look at our guide for visiting Uganda in May.

Uganda in June

June is the month of the year when the peak season is expected to be starting. During this month, the jungles, and forests are dry and therefore they give a chance and an opportunity for the clients to enter the forest and do the trekking easily without any disturbance. This is because all the places are dry and the skies are blue, clearly favoring the bird lovers who have come to do bird watching. This will help the clients to take clearly pictures and see the birds well in their natural habitats. Therefore, this makes this month the best month to visit Uganda.

During this month, you are advised to book your gorilla permit in advance like 7 months before your trekking. This is because this is a peak month and the competition of the permits is high making them to get done earlier.

For more information have a glance at our guide on visiting Uganda in June.

Uganda in July

This is another perfect month of the year when the dry season continues and clients increasingly come into the trek and also do other activities in the national parks. This is because the month is dry and clear.

However, dry this month maybe, but still we expect heavy rains at any point.

For more information, you can have a glance at our guide on visiting Uganda in July.

Uganda in August

This marks the end of the dry season. During this month, the condition and weather are perfect.

More so during this month, the skies and clouds are clear and blue making it easy for the clients to move easily during their safari.

For more information, have a look at our guide on visiting Uganda in August.

Uganda in September

During this month of September, the rains are a little more frequent than in the drier June to August. Here the roads are clear, dry, and trekking routes. The forests are dry and favorable to pass in and go trekking.

Here, since the rain is little, they cannot make the vegetation in the national park look good and so attractive. But the advantage here is that this month makes it easier for the clients to see the wildlife because they are always on the river back taking water.

For more information, have a glance at our guide to visiting Uganda in September.

Uganda in October

This is the month of the year that marks the end of the peak season in Uganda.  However, it is still drier than the wet seasons of March to May.

During this month of October, the price of the Accommodation is reduced again which increases the number of clients who come in to book.

For more information, have a glance at our guide on visiting Uganda in October.

Uganda in November

This month of November takes up the second position of being a rainy season in Uganda. The rains in this month are heavy to an extent that they make the roads so sliding and muddy and hence making the safari journey to be difficult because it causes a lot of accidents.

More so, to the worst extent, these rains will cause some lodges to close because they will not have clients going there.

This makes us bring to your our advise that these rains should not stop you from traveling but what you only have to do is to be prepared with your rain courts, waterproof shoes, gumboots, umbrellas and so on.

In this month, the forests and vegetation are green, looking so amazing with a lot of bird species which migrated from different countries.

For more information, have a look at our guide on visiting Uganda in November.

Uganda in December

This is the last month of the year and it marks the beginning of the dry season as the rains get calmed down.

In Uganda, we have got several dry seasons apart from December, and these include; February, June, and September. Therefore, during these months, Uganda registers very many clients who come into trek gorillas and Chimpanzees including all the wildlife because they can be easily seen on the water holes taking water.

This is because the landscape, forests, and jungles where clients hike to trek are dry, and therefore they favor the clients to hike without issues of falling down.

The wildlife returns to the waterholes and access is great across the country. What’s more, Christmas is a big celebration in Uganda, so the country is buzzing with festivities.

For more information, have a look at our guide on visiting Uganda in December.

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