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The Big Five Animals

Uganda is a very diverse destination with many unique activities that you can do while on a safari. This a complete Guide highlighting the top things to do in Uganda  while on a safari.

The Big Five Animals

Fear is only temporary but regrets last forever. Therefore  endeavor not to miss the safari holiday to the big five whole over the world in order to avoid regrets. The big five include, the African elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and, rhinos. For one to get the best and memorable trip in your life,   find the big five animals in any park where you try going so that it sums up your trip. The big five are found in   the following countries Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania that is   masai Mara in Kenya, queen Elizabeth in Uganda and Serengeti in Tanzania.

Big game hunters during the colonial era of Africa called these five species “the big five” because they were thought to be the most challenging and hazardous African creatures to hunt on foot. The appropriate lens is now, of course, more important than ever when photographing Africa’s big five.

The following are the big five animals in details;

The African lion.

The lions are the second biggest cats following the tiger. They get up to 8 ft long and over 500 pounds. The lions include the males which are known as the king of the jungle and the females. This is the second   feared big five animal among all others. However, it is a proud, capable confident, fearless and self-esteemed animal.

The following are the descriptions of the lions in the big five,

They belong to the family of cats, they always large and strong animals, they are famous for its oar and the hunting ability, they have a body which is covered by smooth, small and yellow hair.

More so the lions have compact bodies and fore legs, teeth, jaws for pulling and killing the prey. Lions have yellow  and gold coats, the males which are mature enough have shaggy manes that range in color from blond to reddish brown then to black.

The following are the characteristics of lions.

  • Lions are big eaters.
  • They weigh over 30 stone.
  • Lions start off spotty.
  • They get their water from plants.
  • The cubs of the lions are reared together.
  • They normally hunt during storms.
  • On a bigger extent, all the lions live in Africa, it’s only a few lions that exist somewhere else.

Some may ask how can we get to see these lions? The lions are easily found in the park and most especially on a game drive either in the evening or morning. This is because this is the time when the lions have either started grazing near  the park before they go too far in the jungle  or in the evening when they are planning to go and rest and here usually they are found on the road side grazing.

The following are the parks where the lions have mostly trekked.

Queen Elizabeth national park in the ishasha sector.

This is the only park in Uganda where we find the tree climbing lions.  This is so special because it is unusual.  It was believed that once you are attacked with the lion,  the only solution is climbing the trees but to these lions to its different because you will be embarrassed when the lions find you there .Here you will have to wake up very early in the morning,  prepare yourselves and then have a game drive in the morning as you are going to the ishasha sector.  You will first be briefed about the way how you will trek the lions. When the briefing is done, you will then start trekking with the help of the ranger guide to protect you from being attacked. Here you will get to find the lioness grooming their cubs, you will also get the lions sleeping soundless in the trees. The clients will also get to see how the lions climb trees, they will take photos and then have fun. From there, you will get back to your lodge and have a rest.

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

This park is well known and famous in Tanzania. It was founded by many European explorers who include Lugard, Churchill, Speke, and Roosevelt. During the months of the rains, the beasts arrive, zebras , and other wild animals. They arrive to feed on the fresh and the grass. This makes them fatten and look great. The best time to watch the lions is during the months of January, February and march. Therefore endeavor not to miss during these months for your better trip and a memorable one.

Masai Mara in Kenya.

This is a game reserve in Kenya where you will get a number of lions crossing the  Mara river.  This means for any one willing to see the beasts in Kenya,  you target at the river this is where you will find most of them. On the other hand you will also get to find other animals such as the zebras,  the crocodiles to mention but a few.


This is the smallest animal among all the big five in the world. The leopard has short legs,  a long body with a large skull.  They have fur which is marked with rosettes. The leopard is similar in appearance to the jaguar but at the same time has a smaller, lighter physique and the rosettes are generally smaller more densely packed and without central spots.

Facts about the leopards.

  • The leopards are ambush predators therefore they feed on others.
  • The leopards are the smallest among all the other big five.
  • They are adaptive cats.
  • The leopards are solitary animals.
  • They are also not picky eaters.


These are very huge animals among all the five big animals, they are also the most dangerous in the big five. These buffaloes are always in cattle like appearance, but they are less massive. They have markings which are dark on the limbs, they have large, prominent ears and wide mouth. These herds are most of the times located in the savannah plains and forested areas. This is a dark brown hoofed mammal with  drooping  ears and large curved horns. These buffalos have got over 425 to 900 kilograms. These animals have a solid shield of horn that covers the skull where the horns emerge. The male buffalo and the female buffalo have horns only that those of the male grow larger compared to those of  the female .The horns of the males can grow and measure very close to a whooping four feet across.


These are known of their black and white colors. These rhinos are huge, and they are also sometimes called the bulls and cows. The rhinos have poor vision, they communicate through honks, sneezes and they are only found in one of the small places in the savannah plains.

Facts about the rhinoceros.

  • The rhinos are huge.
  • They differ in colors for example some are black while others are white and others are also grey.
  • Rhinos are also called bulls and cows.
  • They have poor sight and vision.
  • These animals normally communicate using their honks   and sneezes.


This is the largest mammal on land. It is the biggest with a height of over 7.5m long, and 3.3m high on the shoulder and also weighing over 6 tones.

Elephants can be recognized by their dexterous trunk, huge ears that can be flapped to cool the body, and extended incisors that resemble tusks. The African bush elephant and the smaller African forest elephant are the two distinct species of African elephants. The African bush elephant is the larger of the two species and is sometimes referred to as one of the “big five” mammals. Both are herbivores that live in large groups.

Facts of an African elephant.

  • The calves can stand within 20 minutes of birth.
  • The elephants communicate through vibrations.
  • Their tusks are actually teeth.
  • The elephants have got thick skin.
  • They are the world’s largest land animals.
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