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Budongo Eco Lodge

Budongo Eco Lodge situated in Murchison Falls National Park’s Budongo Forest Reserve, is the ideal setting for relaxing or exploring the park’s natural environs

Budongo Eco Lodge

Budongo Eco Lodge, situated in Murchison Falls National Park’s Budongo Forest Reserve, is the ideal setting for relaxing or exploring the park’s natural environs.

Why do we like Budongo Eco Lodge?

Wonderful Location: Budongo Eco Lodge is ideally positioned for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. It is hidden away in the Budongo Forest Reserve of Murchison Falls National Park. You may thoroughly relax in secluded cabins that give you the impression that you are the only people there, all beneath the shade of mature mahogany trees.

Activities are available at Budongo Eco Lodge, so don’t mistake the resort’s peace and quiet for boredom. Chimpanzees live in the forest, so you can go on a hike through the dense foliage to observe them. You can also go on a wildlife drive through the dry savannah grasslands or enjoy a cruise down the Nile River.

Low environmental impact: Budongo Eco Lodge was built with sustainability in mind and using local resources to minimize long-term harm to the ecosystem.

Birdwatchers’ Paradise: Private verandas with breathtaking views of the forest are ideal for solitary bird watching, so be sure to have your binoculars at the ready—you won’t be disappointed.

Rich History: The famed chimpanzee conservationist Jane Goodall and her institute first used Budongo Eco Lodge as a base. Numerous fossils from the forest are on show at the lodge, and they offer fascinating background for the history of the woodland.

Accommodation Of Budongo Eco Lodge

Budongo Eco Lodge offers five cozy cabins that blend nicely with their natural surroundings. Each cabin has a private veranda, en-suite bathroom, shower, sink, and composting toilet. For individuals who desire privacy and quiet, these cabins are ideal.

There are four dormitory-style rooms with comfortable bunk beds, mosquito nets, and shared bathrooms that are a great option as well for bigger groups.

These are also excellent for people trying to stick to a budget because they are the less expensive choice.

Facilities Of Budongo Eco Lodge

An outstanding restaurant at Budongo Eco Lodge offers both foreign and regional cuisine.

The lodge takes pleasure in serving freshly brewed Ugandan coffee every day, which guests can opt to do while relaxing on the veranda and taking in the lovely sounds of the jungle.

The visitors center at Budongo Eco Lodge also has ancient fossils, regional artifacts, and antiquated poaching artifacts. The center is a terrific location to learn about the secrets of the enigmatic rain forest or to unwind in the inviting lounge area. You can purchase regional crafts from a tiny curio shop that is nearby.

Activities Done During A Stay At Budongo Eco Lodge

You don’t have to pick between enjoying the savannah or the forest at Budongo Eco Lodge; it offers the best of both worlds. It is ideally located to take advantage of both.

You can go on a hike or river boat to experience the utter beauty of Murchison Falls, or you can go on a trek into the forest to observe chimpanzees in their natural habitat. You can also go on a game drive across the wide savannah grasslands in search of the big five.

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