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Camping In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Camping in Queen Elizabeth National Park | The greatest way to fully experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the park’s fauna is to camp there. Countless bird cries in the distant will help you fall asleep. Queen’s nocturnal soundscape is calming rather than unnerving.

Camping in Queen Elizabeth national park, at a glance.

The five main areas of Queen Elizabeth National Park are divided;

  • Ishasha sector.
  • Northeast Escarpment.
  • Mweya peninsula.
  • Rift Valley Escarpment.
  • Kyambura gorge.

Most campgrounds feature permanent tents with a canvas exterior and a thatched roof for sun and rain protection. Self-contained tents and non-self-contained tents with shared restrooms are both options for lodging.

Areas Of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha Wilderness Camp.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is in a peaceful position in the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

A true tented camping experience is provided with 10 private canvas tents without sacrificing comfort or decor. Each tent has a view of the Ntungwe River, and the hippos and elephant herds nearby may be seen clearly from your veranda. The tents are cozy and roomy, and they are made in the East African Meru style.

To lessen the camp’s environmental impact, each tent features an en-suite bathroom with eco-friendly toilets and showers. The tents are powered by solar panels. Travelers who care about the environment will love this green hotel.

The camp’s center is home to a cozy lounge, bar, eating area, roomy veranda, and even a peaceful library for voracious readers.

Bush Camp.

Bush Camp provides excellent access to the Kazinga Channel because it is situated right off the main Kasese-Mbarara route. The resort offers both self-contained and non-self-contained tents in addition to its 12 bandas.

The camp has two independent tents that are ideal for families. The tents are close to the main camp, but they are only appropriate for travelers with a car. Note that it is unsafe to return from the main camp at night.

The camp provides 10 non-self-contained tents for comfortable, affordable lodging. A double bed, a nightstand, and an electrical outlet are all included in each tent. Public restrooms are available.


Kasenyi Safari Camp.

Kasenyi Safari Camp is magnificently situated on the shores of Lake Bunyampaka in the Kasenyi savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The camp includes 8 tents, each of which is elevated and has a thatched canopy roof over it.

A king-sized bed, a private bathroom, and a large living space are all included in each tent. Visitors frequently encounter lions, leopards, hippos, and hyenas, which howl at night, at the camp, which is a haven for wildlife.

The cost of Wi-Fi connection in your tent is in addition to the complimentary Wi-Fi in the restaurant.

Engiri Game Lodge and campsite.

Engiri, which is situated along the Kazinga Channel’s bank not far from Bush Camp, is 300 meters off the Mbarara-Kasese route. The Kazinga Channel, the administrative center of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Kasenyi Plains are all easily accessible from Engiri.

You can hire a permanent tent with a twin bed, bedding, towels, and soap or bring your own tent if you like.

A committed group of cooks runs the restaurant in Engiri. They use fresh, regional ingredients to make a variety of delectable dishes.

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