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Entebbe retains a sense of the natural Uganda, rather than being a large, noisy African city. This is further supported by the impression that Lake Victoria and the Ziki Forest are actively attempting to regain the area. Entebbe is a wonderful starting and finishing point for your Ugandan tour and provides a mild introduction to Uganda.


Where Entebbe fits in a Ugandan adventure.

You’ll start and finish your Ugandan journey at Entebbe International Airport. The amount of time you spend here will, however, reflect the fact that Entebbe is not the main focus of your vacation. There is simply too much to do in the surrounding area.

While you wait for transportation to your next location, your visit to Entebbe will probably extend for a half-day or day.

After a long flight, Entebbe is an excellent spot to stretch your legs. This can be done at the Entebbe Botanical Garden, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, or the Mabamba Swamp.

Introduction To Entebbe

Where is Entebbe located?

40 kilometers south of Kampala, on the beaches of Lake Victoria, is the little city of Entebbe, which has a population of about 70,000.

Entebbe, which has clean air and mostly safe streets, is frequently the starting and ending point of a vacation to Uganda.

History of Entebbe

Colonial History of Entebbe.

Entebbe had little significance outside of being the home of the Bugandan Mugala clan before European settlers arrived in Uganda. Things started to change when the first Europeans came in 1879—a group of tough French missionaries—washed ashore after a terrifying 300-kilometer boat trip from Kisumu in what is now Tanzania across Lake Victoria.

After the East African Railway reached Kisumu in 1901 and connected with the fledgling steamer service across the lake, greatly simplifying the travel from the East African coast, the settlement expanded quickly.

After Entebbe was designated as the British Protectorate’s capital, cementing its status as the most significant town, Kampala’s status as the hub of industrial output would change in the 1930s when the railway reached Kampala.

After the Second World War, Entebbe’s fortunes started to decline, but it received unanticipated assistance when international planes started to arrive and an airport was built there in 1951.

Post Independence.

However, once Uganda gained independence in 1962, the new administration designated Kampala as the country’s official capital.

Entebbe lost the battle for supremacy with Kampala and fell into semi-retirement, content to welcome visitors and not much more, even if several government agencies and the State House remained.

The Entebbe Raid.

The Entebbe Raid of 1976, when Israeli paratroopers successfully carried out a daring rescue of the passengers of a hijacked Air France flight that had been diverted to Entebbe, made Entebbe renowned.

7 Days in Entebbe, a 2018 movie, depicts the events.

The aircraft’s wreckage is still there, a fascinating reminder of a difficult time.

What to do in Entebbe?

Mabamba Swamp.

The Mabamba Swamp, a Ramsar Site and Important Bird Area, is located 12 kilometers to the west of Entebbe and is a great location to watch the renowned shoebill stork.

You may reach the settlement of Mabamba through a vehicle transfer. A local boatman will then take you out in one of the region’s dugout boats to search for the fabled Shoebill.

When you have a few hours between flights, this delightful half-day tour is ideal.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

This animal shelter, which was established in 1952, provides a haven for animals unable to live in the wild. It serves as a crucial hub for Uganda’s conservation efforts.

You can see the lions, two newly imported black rhinos, and the aviary on a typical visit.

A 2-hour “behind the scenes” tour is also available, giving visitors knowledge of the center’s animal care procedures. Animal enthusiasts may get up close and personal with lions and elephants on this excursion.

Entebbe Botanical Garden.

The 1898-founded Botanical Garden is a great place to get some exercise before a later domestic flight or for a quick outing.

A wide range of plants from tropical, subtropical, and temperate zones can be found in the gardens. A compelling fusion of horticulture, cultivation, and native woodland can be found.

The palm nut vulture, red-chested sunbird, and enormous kingfisher are among the numerous bird species that may be found in the gardens.

The white-tailed monkey and the black-and-white colobus are two of the primates that live in the gardens.

Where to Stay in Entebbe.

The Protea Hotel Entebbe.

The fact that none of the lodging alternatives in Entebbe are far from the airport makes arriving and departing from the city simple.

The Protea Hotel Entebbe, a luxurious 4-star resort hotel with good access to the airport, is situated right close to the airport.

Tilapia and Nile perch are two of the restaurant’s specialty dishes, and it offers a delectable à la carte menu.

The Tides Spa is the ideal location to unwind after your Ugandan experience and provides a variety of cosmetic and massage treatments.

Karibu Guest House.

Entebbe is renowned for its charmingly modest guesthouses, and Karibu Guesthouse is one of our favorites.

Only 10 minutes separate the lovely boutique hotel from Entebbe International Airport from the historic presidential mansion.

With a limited number of visitors, the staff at Karibu work tirelessly to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The hotel provides customized lodging, and each of its eight en suite rooms is individually designed.

The main house makes the most of its beautiful surroundings, and each of its rooms has a breathtaking view of the sapphire waters of Lake Victoria.

The Boma Hotel.

The Boma offers a friendly, welcoming environment, pleasant lodging, a magnificent garden, and top-notch cuisine.

The Boma will be ideal for you if you enjoy staying in intimate lodges while on safari.

The staff goes above and above to make sure you have a comfortable stay and offers excellent service.

The Lake Victoria Serena hotel.

In between Entebbe and Kampala, there lies a sizable resort hotel called the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel. It is the sole upscale lodging option in Entebbe.

With a view of Lake Victoria’s emerald waters, it’s a wonderful spot to unwind by the water before beginning or ending your adventure.

The hotel features the best championship golf course in Uganda in addition to a spa, outdoor pool, and boating port.

Getting to Entebbe.

By plane: Entebbe International Airport serves as Uganda’s principal international airport. Emirates, KLM, and Brussels Airlines all offer flights there from Dubai, Amsterdam, and Brussels.

By Road: The majority of trips will pass through Kampala. The Entebbe-Kampala Expressway has greatly facilitated the trip. Every half an hour, small minibuses travel from Kampala to Entebbe. All transportation arrangements will be made for you if you book with us.

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