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Gorilla Trekking on a Budget

Planning your Budget Gorilla trekking tour

Gorilla trekking stands out as one of the major activities to do while on a safari to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. The prices for the gorilla trek however may seen expensive for some travelers because they dont have the necessary information to help them plan their gorilla trek on a Budget. Here are some of the factors you may have to consider when planning your budget Gorilla trekking safari.

What are the constant costs for the Budget Gorilla trekking tour

While planning your Gorilla trek on a budget, you must consider some of the constant prices which are non negotiable or standard, these include:

  • The Gorilla Trekking Permit: The Gorilla trekking permits for Uganda cost $600, while those for Rwanda cost $1500 and those of Congo cost $400. Therefore while planning your budget gorilla trekking safari, first set aside the amount for the Gorilla trekking permit.
  • Accommodation cost: There are several Budget lodges near the Gorilla tracking national parks (Bwindi national park, Volcanoes national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Virunga national park). Therefore while planning a budget gorilla trekking tour, you should research for the cheapest accommodation options and ask your travel agency to advise the best one to use, or simply ask your travel agency to book for you the cheapest but most comfortable budget lodge. The lodge prices are usually constant. We at Adventure in the wild safaris however have a select number of budget lodges in all parks, or tracking sectors that provide good rooms self contained, full-board meals and other facilities such that you enjoy your trip. I
  • The means of transport to the park: While planning a budget Gorilla trekking tour flying in is not the most recommended option, at Adventure in the wild safaris we have a fleet of vehicles including 4X4 Safari land cruisers and vans that you can use on your budget safari.

When to go for your Budget Gorilla trek

Uganda recently scrapped low season discounted Gorilla trekking permits, however congo still offers the discounted Gorilla trekking permits. If you are therefore interested in doing the budget gorilla trek in Congo, always contact your travel agency or Adventure in the wild safaris such that we can tell you the available discounts for congo

Budget Gorilla trekking in Groups

In order to save big, organizing a group Gorilla trekking group is the best option. Groups help each individual traveler to share costs of transport with others thus highly reducing the cost of the trek. However for group tours we advise travelers to book at-least four months in advance to ensure that the whole group gets their budget gorilla trekking permits. At Adventure in the wild safaris, we can help you join groups of other budget travelers, therefore if you are a single traveler and want to join a budget gorilla trekking group, contact us and we shall let you know about the availability.

Which country is the best for budget Gorilla trekking, Uganda, Rwanda or Congo?

The best country for Budget Gorilla trekking is Uganda, This is because its permit is only $600, there are very good budget lodges in Bwindi, the visa is cheap and can be gotten on arrival and above all Uganda is secure.  Rwanda is the most expensive as their Gorilla permit alone costs $1500, Congo on the other hand is a young destination, but its visa is $100 and needs to be processed in advance, their lodges are quite expensive and transport costs are high.

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