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Gorilla trekking permit Uganda

A gorilla trekking permit Uganda is a document issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to every traveler intending to trek the gorillas in any of the two national parks in Uganda including; Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga national park where you find the mountain gorilla. The parks are situated on the south western part Kampala the capital city of Uganda. For every client taking park in gorilla trekking in Uganda is therefore required to have a valid gorilla trekking permit for a successful gorilla trekking experience in Africa.

Travelers therefore, are advised to have all the information regarding gorilla trekking permit when planning to go for the gorilla safari in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

What is a gorilla trekking permit Uganda?

A gorilla permit, is document/ card that allows travelers intending to participate in gorilla trekking experience in any of the counties in Africa that is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. For Uganda permits, it issued by Uganda wild life Authority a government body protecting all the national parks in Uganda and for Rwanda is issued by Rwanda Development Board. The gorilla trekking permit lasts for one hour from the time you meet the gorillas and the gorilla trekking exercise its self lasts for 30min- 8 hours of the day in the forest searching for the gorillas since the animals move a lot from one place to another so it may not be easy to locate them.

You can reach us at adventure in the wild safari for all your gorilla permits and safari bookings, in case of any information on gorilla permits, do contact us we will provide you with all the quality information needed for your successful safari.

How much does a Uganda gorilla permit cost

In Uganda, the permits are issued by the Uganda wildlife Authority at a fee of USD600 per person trekking and for gorilla habituation experience is at USD1500 per person trekking.  The price for gorilla trekking permits in Uganda will be increased to $700 effective 1st July 2019. The permits allow a person to trek gorillas in only two destinations that Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park all-in south-western part of Uganda and the permits are valid for one day.

How to get/ buy your permits in Uganda? You can secure your permits online through Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters based in Kampala or with a recognised tour operator company like adventure in the wild safaris, we will check for availability of the permits and then secure the permits for you.

The same applies for Rwanda permits through Rwanda Development Board offices (ORTPN) in Kigali or Ruhengeri at a fee of USD1500.

When to buy the gorilla trekking permit for Uganda?

For the trekkers intending to take part in gorilla trekking, are required to at least book the permits 4 month in advance or prior to the gorilla trekking day since this permits be on high demand and can be sold out quickly most especially during peak seasons which is the dry seasons of the year from march- June and October to December these are busiest month of gorilla trekking in Uganda. So, clients are recommended to confirm their booking with a deposit 100% fee of the total gorilla permit. so that the permits are secured on time before they are out of stock.

Can a Uganda Gorilla trekking permit be reused?

The gorilla permits issued in Uganda have information in them and it determines the region where you will be trekking from since Bwindi has different sectors but all do gorilla trekking, and the accommodation facilities since the park also has a variety of lodges in different regions of the park  so you will follow the permit information before making any bookings on the accommodation as this is determined by the permit being issued to you.

Bwindi gorilla trekking regions

  • Buhoma sector is situated at the northern part of the park.
  • Ruhija in the East,
  • Rushaga and
  • Nkuring located at the Southern part of Bwindi national park.

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