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Hotels and Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Accommodations in Queen Elizabeth National Park | Despite having a good selection of properties to choose from, Queen Elizabeth National Park’s varied geography makes it possible to discover privacy or a stunning view. Adventure in the wild safaris doesn’t make use of every property offered; instead, we back those that have a history of producing a steady stream of satisfied clients.

Hotels and Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The five regions of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

There are 5 primary areas in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • Mweya Peninsula.
  • Rift valley Escarpment.
  • Northeast Escarpments.
  • Kyambura gorge.

While there are many various lodging alternatives in each of these locations, Brilliant has chosen the best ones to include in our trips so that guests consistently enjoy a wonderful experience.

Areas in Queens Elizabeth National Park

North east Escarpment.

In addition to offering quick access to the Kasenyi Plains, the escarpment to the park’s northeast offers expansive views of the grassland stretching all the way to Lake George.

Elephant Plains Lodge, one of the Park’s newest properties, is located there.

Rift Valley Escarpments.

To the park’s south-east is the Rift Valley Escarpment. There, 16 kilometers from the Katunguru Gate of the Park, on a ridge dramatically rising above the plains, are a number of additional tiny lodges that are beautifully positioned to enjoy the views and the breathtaking sunsets. Here, one of our favorites is Katara Lodge.

Mweya Peninsula

The Kazinga Channel is bordered by the Mweya Peninsula. The views from here are breathtaking, with the lakes that are further away appearing to melt into the distant meadows.

Here, Mweya Safari Lodge is at a prominent location. It is a sizable hotel and a heritage site that started off as a government building more than 30 years ago.

Although a stay here is not as intimate as at other smaller resorts, the location is unbeatable. Perfect for getting to boat trips on the Kazinga Channel.

Kyambura Gorge.

The slope curves around to Kyambura Gorge, a water- and densely forested natural rift amid the otherwise level plains.

As the facility closest to the Gorge, the opulent Kyambura Gorge Lodge is ideally situated to offer a sumptuous base for chimp trekking, as well as wildlife drives and boat safaris in the heart of the Park.

Ishasha sector.

Finally, for those who cherish the wilderness experience, the Ishasha sector of the Park is the place to be.

Even though new lodges are being built, it is still the area with the least amount of human activity. The Ishasha Wilderness Camp, a very comfortable camp that has been tastefully created on the banks of the Ishasha River, the natural boundary between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the place to stay in this area.

Best places to stay while in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

Elephant Hab.

The Elephant Plains Lodge is one of the park’s newest accommodations, and it can be found on the Northeast Escarpment. It is perched high above the cliff and provides expansive views. Lake Kikorongo, near to the lodge, is frequently frequented by herds of elephants, hence the name.

The lodge is made up of a number of individual cottages positioned all around the main area. It features a bar and lounge located above a pool that showcases the expansive views of the escarpment. With vistas of the grasslands extending to Lake George and the widely accessible Kasenyi Plains, where wildlife may frequently be seen ambling through, this region of the park is very beautiful.

Six double/twin cabins are available for guests to stay in, or they can select a family cottage with two separate bedrooms and enough for five people. All of the cottages feature private verandas that are spacious and have excellent views of the surroundings, as well as en suite bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. Local brown savannah grass was used to build the cottage roofs, which not only makes the lodge blend in with its environment but also serves as an efficient cooling system

The lodge also has a fantastic restaurant with an international menu with regional flavors, a roomy lounge with cozy seating spaces, and a well-stocked bar with bistro seating. Guests can also take advantage of the huge pool at Elephant Plains Lodge, which is a great place to cool off after a long day of visiting the park.

Kyambura Gorge lodge.

In the eastern part of the park, directly close to the Kyambura Gorge, is the Kyambura Gorge Lodge, which is swiftly rising to the top of the list of Uganda’s lodging choices. Its location makes it the ideal starting point for boat safaris, game drives, and monkey treks.

Originally a coffee plantation shop, the structure has been transformed into the main lodge, around which eight luxurious rooms have been constructed. The buildings’ laid-back design, which is mostly built of wood, stone, and thatched roofs, gives the area a cozy atmosphere.

Each room has a spacious four-poster bed, a private veranda, an en suite bathroom, and a seating area furnished with simple yet distinctive pieces of furniture. Although the design is modern, it yet has the atmosphere of a traditional safari lodge. A personal butler service can also be advantageous for every visitor.

The lounge, dining room, and bar in the main lodge are all roomy and have a combination of hardwood and tiled floors, huge windows, and artwork displayed on the walls. High-quality food is served in the dining area by a welcoming and helpful staff. Additionally, there is a spa that just opened and a pool for visitors to use.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp.

One of the quietest parts of the park is the Ishasha district in the southwest. The Ishasha Wilderness Camp provides a genuine tented camp experience in this location without sacrificing comfort or luxury. The camp blends in nicely with its surroundings because it is situated along the Ishasha River’s banks, directly at the line separating Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is situated with a view of the Ntungwe River and is constructed from thatch, wood, and canvas to blend in with the surrounding forest. The camp has a central area with a cozy lobby, a bar, a dining room, a large veranda, and even a peaceful library. Meals can be taken within the dining room, on the veranda, or in the guests’ personal tents. The food is of extraordinarily excellent quality, with both traditional Ugandan and European-style dishes offered, prepared whenever possible with local ingredients. The lounge, where you can unwind in the cozy couches and take in the amazing local artifacts adorning the room, also offers free Wi-Fi.

Each of the 10 individual canvas tents has been strategically placed so that guests may enjoy a spectacular view of the neighborhood hippos and elephant herds from their verandas. They are cozy and roomy, and they are built in the East African Meru style. Each features an en-suite bathroom with environmentally friendly showers and toilets to lessen the camp’s impact on the environment, as well as solar panels to power the tents.

Mweya Safari lodge.

The Kazinga Channel, a considerable natural waterway connecting Lake Edward and Lake George, extends out towards the Mweya Peninsula. The Mweya Safari Lodge is a huge hotel that was once a government building constructed more than 30 years ago. The convenient position makes it simple to board boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel, and the vistas of the far-off grasslands blending with the lakes are breathtaking.

At Mweya Safari Lodge, guests can choose from a variety of rooms. The most straightforward choice is one of the 32 standard rooms, each of which has an own balcony and ensuite bathroom. There are 12 premium rooms with air conditioning if that would be helpful. There are luxury tents available that give a calming, romantic ambiance, as well as the Honeymoon Suite, which is located in a private area of the grounds and has a charming four-poster bed. Private cottages with two and three bedrooms, sitting areas, and roomy verandas are available for larger groups.

The lodge features a bar with expansive windows and a welcoming veranda, a gift shop filled with regional handicrafts, an informational center run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority where guests can learn more about the national park, and a business center. You can enjoy your favorite beverage at the infinity pool’s bar while taking in the view of the enchanted Kazinga Channel.

Visitors can opt to eat in the lodge’s formal dining room inside or outside on the veranda as skilled chefs create regional and global cuisine. Additionally, the resort conducts special barbecues every Saturday night with performances by traditional dancers.

Katara lodge.

In the southeast of the park, the Rift Valley Escarpment rises over the vast savannah. Katara Lodge is perched on the edge of a spectacular precipice. A natural, laid-back ambiance is created here by the bamboo-based furnishings, thatched roofs, and wooden beams, which seamlessly mix in with the surroundings.

Eight separate thatched huts with canvas sides and wooden flooring make up the lodge. Each bungalow has a spacious double bed (or twin beds) and an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower. If you’d like to sleep outside beneath the stars, the staff will be pleased to put up your bed on the large balcony of your bungalow. The service at Katara Lodge is attentive and personalized because there are just eight bungalows available.

The lodge’s main area, which includes a cozy lounge and restaurant, is located higher up the hill and is totally exposed to the west, giving guests stunning views of the plains and the distant Rwenzori Mountains. On the nearby library, you can choose a book to read while lounging in a hammock outside.

For Katara Lodge, environmental sustainability is a top priority. They have solar lighting and water heaters to use less energy, as well as environmentally friendly toilets, to provide water for the lodge. A saltwater pool is also available, reducing the need for chemicals.

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