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Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise Explore the wonders of the Kazinga Channel from the best vantage points by boarding. Discover the grazing hippos and bathing buffaloes as a knowledgeable ranger leads you through the breathtaking vegetation and fauna of the canal.

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Introduction to the Kazinga channel.

The 32-kilometer-long, wide Kazinga Channel connects Lake Edward to Lake George, Lake Edward’s smaller neighbor. The greatest way to experience the abundance of wildlife that resides in and around the Kazinga Channel is on a boat excursion.

You will be able to observe a variety of wildlife as well as one of the eleven fishing communities that make up the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Within Queen Elizabeth National Park, the waterway is a well-liked spot for tourists interested in wildlife.

Boat Ride Operators.

The Mweya Safari Lodge and the Uganda Wildlife Authority are the two independent boat tour providers.

Both journeys take two hours and cost about $30 per person. Visitors at Mweya Safari Lodge can choose between the elegant Kingfisher, which has twelve seats, and the Sunbird, which has ten comfortable seats.

Both boats have knowledgeable captains and crew members, but the Kingfisher lets you cruise in luxury by offering beverages and canopies to block the sun.

Wildlife in the Kazinga Channel.

Numerous animals and birds can be seen in the canal, including a sizable population of hippos (around 2,000) and innumerable Nile crocodiles.

Following your guide’s instructions is crucial since hippos, the third-largest terrestrial mammal in the world, may be hostile.

More than 100 kinds of water birds, including the African Skimmer, as well as elephants, buffaloes, and other wildlife are also common.

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