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Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel | Your skipper slowly veers to the right in response to a burst of foamy bubbles. The third-largest terrestrial animal in the world can be seen when the murky waters of the Nile split. To record the moment, your camera snaps a picture. You are a visitor in the hippopotamus’ home territory, the Kazinga Channel.

Kazinga Channel

Introduction to Kazinga Channel.

The Kazinga Channel connects Lake Edward to Lake George, its smaller neighbor, over a distance of 32 kilometers (20 miles). The lakes bear the names of King Edward VII, a son of Queen Victoria, and King George V, his own heir. A important component of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the waterway is a well-liked destination for tourists interested in wildlife.

Numerous animals and birds can be seen in the canal, including a sizable population of hippos (around 2,000) and innumerable Nile crocodiles. More than 100 kinds of water birds, including the African Skimmer, as well as elephants, buffaloes, and other wildlife are also common.

The Rwenzori Mountains’ streams feed Lake George, and the lake’s outflow empties into Lake Edward via the Kazinga Channel. The surface area of Lake George, which is 250 km2, is almost ten times smaller than that of Lake Edward, which is 2325 km2. The channel’s maximum depth is 8 meters.

Activities Done At Kazinga Channel

Boat cruise.

Climb on board to enjoy a panoramic tour of the marvels of the Kazinga Channel. Enjoy the sights of animated elephants and bathing buffaloes as a knowledgeable ranger leads you through the Queen Elizabeth National Park’s flora and animals.

The Mweya Safari Lodge and the Uganda Wildlife Authority are the two independent boat tour providers. Both cruises last around two hours and cost about $30 per person. Visitors at Mweya Safari Lodge can choose between the elegant Kingfisher, which has twelve seats, and the Sunbird, which has ten comfortable seats. Both boats have knowledgeable crews and guides, but the Kingfisher offers canopies and refreshments so you may sail in comfort.

You will catch a glimpse of one of the eleven fishing towns that are situated within Queen Elizabeth National Park in addition to the mesmerizing wildlife.

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Getting To Kazinga Channel

Location Of Kazinga Channel

The A109 travels 408 kilometers from Kampala in around 7-8 hours.

Flying can also shorten the distance traveled. There are daily flights between Entebbe (EBB) and Kasese (KSE) (1 hour 35 minutes). The final phase of the trip is a 40-mile drive, which takes about an hour and a half, from Kasese to Kazinga Falls.

Places To Stay Kazinga Channel

Kyambura lodge.

One of the greatest places to stay in the park is Kyambura Lodge, which is located near to Kyambura Gorge in the eastern section of Queen Elizabeth National Park. In addition to being a fantastic starting point for boat cruises, visitors may do monkey trekking and go on game drives.

The structure, which was once a coffee plantation store, has been transformed into the main lodge. Large windows, wooden and tiled floors, a dining room, and a bar can all be found in the main lodge. The walls of the lounge and dining area are decorated with framed pieces of art. High-quality food is served in the dining area by a welcoming and helpful staff. Additionally, there is a spa that opened in July 2019 and a pool. 

8 deluxe bandas, 4 of which are extra-special deluxe bandas, encircle the main lodge. The structures’ unhurried design, which is mostly built of wood, stone, and thatched roofs, creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Large four-poster beds, private verandas, en-suite bathrooms, and lounging areas filled with basic and distinctive furniture are features shared by all of the rooms. Even though the design is modern, the original safari lodge’s unique features are still there. Additionally, each visitor is entitled to a butler service.

Mweya Safari lodge.

Mweya Safari Lodge, situated on the Mweya Peninsula in the center of Queen Elizabeth National Park, is the ideal starting point for your explorations of the Kazinga Channel. The lodge was once a government structure before being transformed into a sizable hotel. The convenient position makes it simple to board boat tours on the Kazinga Channel, and the views of the far-off grasslands fusing with Lake George and Lake Edward are breathtaking.

Mweya Safari Lodge offers a variety of lodging options. One of the 32 standard rooms, each with an en suite bathroom and private balcony, is the least expensive alternative. There are 12 premium rooms with air conditioning if that would be helpful.

Ishasha Wilderness camp.

We choose Ishasha Wilderness Camp for cheap lodging. The traditional tented camp experience is provided by Ishasha Wilderness Camp without sacrificing luxury or appeal. The camp blends in nicely with its surroundings because it is situated along the Ishasha River’s banks, directly at the line separating Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is situated with a view of the Ntungwe River and is constructed from thatch, wood, and canvas to blend in with the surrounding forest. The camp’s hub is home to a cozy lounge, bar, eating area, roomy veranda, and even a peaceful library for voracious readers.

Each of the 10 individual canvas tents has been thoughtfully placed to maximize the beauty of its surroundings. Each tent’s porch provides a spectacular view of the neighborhood elephant herds and hippos. They are cozy and roomy, and they are built in the East African Meru style. Each has an en-suite bathroom with environmentally friendly showers and toilets to lessen the camp’s impact on the environment, as well as solar panels to power the tents. Travelers who care about the environment will love this green hotel.

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