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Kilembe Trail

Kilembe Trail | Mountain Rwenzori has got over two trekking routes which can be used by a client to reach to the summit of the mountain. These trekking routes include; the central circuit and the southern circuit. The central circuit starts from the Nyakalengija and then proceeds to the trekking area while the southern circuit starts from Kilembe as it continues.

Kilembe Trail

Introduction to the Rwenzori’s trekking circuits.

The southern circuit was the first route to be followed 1895 by Professor Scott Elliott and this was the circuit that was largely used by most clients to reach the summit. Alternatively, there is also the   Central circuit which was also followed in 1906 by Luigi di Savoia. However, this was less demanded y most clients despite the fact that it was also established.

At Adventure in the wild safaris, we always make decisions to our clients about which treks to use and we hope that the circuits we choose for them are always the best and they will lead our clients to the final destination of their preference. As a company, we only recommend the southern circuit to our clients since it is the best route used by most people and it gives very beautiful stunning views of the lakes, glaciers and the landscape.

The southern circuit gives a chance to the clients to have a glance at the animals and plants around the ranges of mountain Rwenzori. This is because it is really a longer route and therefore it helps clients to also get used to the safari and hence prevent themselves from several sicknesses.

The problem of inadequate trails to the trekking areas has been solved by our agents in the Rwenzori mountains who have worked hand in hand with people in the community by constructing more trails in areas which dint have.  This has helped to give way to the clients to reach the mountain summit easily without finding any difficult. This has later helped to increase and create a bond of love with collaboration with the people around in the community such as the Bakonjo people.

The Kilembe Trail

This is a 7-day trail that is always managed by mountain Rwenzori trekking services. On your first day of the trek, you will pass through the beautiful scenic mountain forest, as you get to the   Kilembe trail where the trek will begin from.  From there, you will proceed with your journey and finally head to Kalalama camp where you will spend your overnight.

The next day, you will have to wake up early and you will be setting off by 9am to the Mutinda camp which is over 4688m through the bamboo zone.

As you rise up just on your 3rdof the trek, you will go for your trek in the Alpine vegetation zone where you will later spend your over night at Bugata camp.

Just on your fourth day of the trek in Bamwanjara pass, you will get a chance to have the beautiful views of the sow capped peaks as you head to the Hunwick’s camp located on a land scape that gives a view of mountain Baker.  This is where you will have to spend your overnight.

Just on your 5th day, you will get to the crescendo of the trek through the Scott Elliott pass as you are heading to the camp of Margherita peak where you will spend your overnight.

This is the second last day of your trek. This 6th day is too long and too tire sum. However, it is the most liked trek because it involves being rewarded and then hiking to the beautiful peak of Margherita found on Mountain Stanley.

On this last day, you will have to wake up very early in the morning and start off your trek. This is because the trek is too long and it involves hiking up to the summit.  The other reason is that you have to pass through the glaciers before it gets late and the glaciers melt which will stop you from going through them to reach the peak.

More so, you will get to very beautiful stunning views of the Margherita peak while o this mountain.

You will the have to start off your journey back to the camp through the valley on the 7th day. This will mark the end of your Kilembe trail.

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