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Kyaninga Lodge

Uganda is a very diverse destination with many unique activities that you can do while on a safari. This a complete Guide highlighting the top things to do in Uganda  while on a safari.

Kyaninga Lodge

The lovely midrange Kyaninga Lodge is a very well-liked lodging choice for visitors to Fort Portal and the surrounding areas. On the outskirts of Fort Portal, Lake Kyaninga, an outstanding crater lake amidst rolling hills, vast fields, and tea plantations, is bordered by elevated houses that resemble cabins.

What makes Kyaninga special?

Fantastically situated near Fort Portal to the north is Kyaninga Lodge. This makes it an excellent starting point for visiting the snow-capped summits of the Rwenzori Mountains, going chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest, or visiting Semliki Valley’s lowland tropical woods. When you first arrive, you’re stunned by the architecture: enormous homes cascading across Lake Kyaninga’s crater rim, joined by a central walkway that itself rests on high wooden beams.

Once you delve a little further, it becomes clear why Kyaninga has become a popular choice for mid-range lodging. The cottages have huge twin or queen beds, private en-suite bathrooms, wood floors, and eucalyptus beams as its frame. They also have a private terrace that views out into the crater lake and the surrounding landscape.

Amenities & Activities In Kyaninga Lodge

A large dining hall, a bar, and a lounge area centered around a fireplace are all located in the main lodge building. The lodge features a pool, a tennis court, and a croquet lawn. The crater lake is the cleanest lake in East Africa; you can swim or go canoeing in the crystal-clear waters! There are numerous opportunities to learn more about rural Ugandan life with guided walks around the lodge because it is located outside of Fort Portal’s main town.

 f they’re going to the Kibale Forest National Park, Semliki Valley, or the Rwenzori Mountains, most tourists base themselves at Kyaninga.

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