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Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga | The calm waters of Lake Kyoga are ideal for travelers seeking solitude. Whether you decide to visit the Nyero Rock Paintings or a nearby fishing town, Lake Kyoga will leave you with a renewed understanding of how people interact with environment.

Lake Kyoga

Where does Lake Kyoga Fit into a Ugandan adventure?

Due to its remoteness, Lake Kyoga won’t be the main focus of a 10-day excursion in Uganda. For visitors who have more time in Uganda, Lake Kyoga is unquestionably worthwhile a visit.

For tourists interested in fishing or aquatic life, Lake Kyoga is a more sedate substitute for Lake Victoria.

Introduction to Lake Kyoga.

The surface area of Lake Kyoga, which has numerous arms, is about 1,720 km2. The lake has a maximum depth of about 5.7 meters and an average depth of 3 meters.

Three distinct areas of the lake may be distinguished: the open water, which is deeper than three meters, the shallower water, which is covered in water lilies, and the marshy shoreline, which is almost entirely covered in papyrus and the invasive water hyacinth.

Lake Kyoga, a shallow, 129 km long lake that is a component of the African Great Lakes system, is situated in central Uganda. On its way from Lake Victoria to Lake Albert, the White Nile’s Victoria branch runs through Lake Kyoga.

Wildlife at Lake Kyoga.

There are 46 fish species in Lake Kyoga, the majority of which are indigenous. Many of the indigenous species in Lake Kyoga, however, are closely related to those in Lake Victoria.

Similar to Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga has seen a decline in biodiversity since the 1950s, when the Nile perch was introduced. The 5-meter-long Nile crocodile, which lives in Lake Kyoga, is another local species.

Things to do at Lake Kyoga.

Nyero Rock Painting: Lake Kyoga is only 12 kilometers away from the Nyero rock art. One of Uganda’s most significant rock art sites is these ancient geometric paintings. At the entrance gate, guided tours of this beautiful site are offered.

The Nyero rock murals were included to the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997. Additionally, popular activities around Lake Kyoga include fishing and birding. Several endangered bird species, including the Fox’s weaver, can be seen around the lake.

Where  to Stay around Lake Kyoga?

Soroti Hotel 2001: The Soroti Hotel 2001 is a cozy lodging option in Soroti, which is about 27 miles from Lake Kyoga. Satellite television and an en-suite toilet are amenities found in every room.

There is a car and bike rental business on site, and there are several well-known riding routes in the neighborhood. Located 44 miles from Lake Kyoga, Strikers Hotel provides a variety of lodging options.

Although the single rooms in the lower price range are cozy, the double rooms in the deluxe category provide more luxury with a marble floor and more solitude with a separate entrance.

A superb breakfast buffet is offered to guests of the Strikers Hotel in the hotel’s restaurant.

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