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Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge | On the boundaries of Lake Mburo National Park, there is a luxurious lodge called Mihingo Lodge. Mihingo is serene, lovely, and unobtrusive, much like the park itself. It’s an excellent illustration of eco-lodging in Uganda and provides some quite delightful wildlife encounters as well as a tranquil beginning or end to a southwestern circuit.

Mihingo Lodge

What makes Mihingo special?

Uganda is frequently a destination for action-packed, adrenaline-fueled adventures. However, there are also a ton of possibilities for individuals who want to mix some of Uganda’s more subtle, endearing, and leisurely countryside exploration with some of its traditional animal adventures.

One of the most well-liked locations for unwinding following gorilla trekking and traditional safaris in the southwest of the country is Mihingo Lodge, which serves as the ideal illustration of this.

The lodge offers an abundance of breathtaking vistas, just like everywhere else in Uganda. From the lodge’s clifftop pool or the private, luxurious suites, guests can enjoy expansive views of the savannah grasslands, rolling hills, and lakes that border Lake Mburo National Park. Mihingo is the only lodge in Uganda that provides horseback riding and mountain bike safaris, making it the ideal destination to break up the trip back to Entebbe or Kampala.

Rooms and Amenities.

There are 12 lavish tent rooms at Mihingo Lodge, which blend harmoniously with the landscape. The lodge appears to be a natural extension of the woodland it is located in from the approach drive. Each of the apartments has its own personality, yet they all feature stunning views and are segregated to guarantee privacy and peace. You genuinely feel like you are by alone in the bush when reading a book on your porch overlooking Lake Mburo National Park, with nothing but the sights and sounds of rural Uganda claiming your sensory field.

Every accommodation includes an en-suite bathroom and shower, and if you wish to wake up to fresh coffee as the sun rises over the miles-long savannah in front of you, there is an early morning tea and coffee service available.

Activities around Mihingo.

Because it is the only lodge that provides horseback riding and mountain bike safaris, Migingo Lodge is exceptionally unique. Compared to its larger siblings in the southwest, such as Queens or Bwindi, the wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park is more subdued, but that adds to the park’s beauty.

Of course, you may also go on a traditional game drive or boat safari to see impala, zebra, waterbuck, topi, and buffalo in and around Lake Mburo. If you’re lucky, you might see the shy eland, which number over 100, or the recently reintroduced giraffe.

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