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Mountain Baker

Mountain Baker | This is so far an out standing mountain that goes beyond the Uganda and Congo borders. Mount Baker was given another name known as kiyanja. Once you decide to hike to the mountain, you will go by the foot prints of the Italian mountaineer, prince Luigi Amedeo and then continue moving towards the peak of the mountain.

Introduction to Mount Baker.

Mountain Baker also known as the Kiyinji mountain is located in the mountain Baker wilderness in Rwenzori mountains national park. This mountain is also located along the borders between Uganda, and the Democratic republic of Congo. Mountain Baker was recognized as the 6th highest mountain in Africa.

Besides mountain Stanley and mountain Speke, a triangle encircled in the upper Bujuku valley was set up.

The research that mountain Baker and mount Speke no longer have glaciers was got by Klaus Thymanns expedition in 2020. This man used to compare images and came up with final results that over 2 of the 5 peaks that are glaciated had lost their glaciers.

History of expeditions to Mount Baker.

The eruption of mountain Baker is  so far the  largest eruption    in the books of history. Over 50kmof the rhyodacite magma exploded  from a shallow magma storage region and filled the caldera plus the surroundings.

The ridge line of mountain Baker was first reached by an Austrian mountaineer, Rubert Grauer in January 1906. As time went on, another English expedition reached the same line and as time went on in 1906, another group led by prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi also at last reached the top.

What does a typical Mount Baker hike look like?

Upon your arrival at Entebbe airport, you will immediately set off for your journey to kilembe camp where you will start the trekking the next day. As soon as you reach the park entrance, you will be asked to pay for the entrance fee which is just 35dolars per day. This fee is always   paid to the Uganda wildlife Authority.

However, we always give a chance to our clients who book with us that incase you do book with Adventure in the wild safaris, everything is cared for.

While trekking, we make sure we trek up to the sine camp which is 2596m.This is where we shall spend our night as we plan for the next day to go trekking as we hike up to Mutinda camp which has got very beautiful stunning view points and just 3588m.

On the next day, we will pass through  a valley of the beautiful fauna, streams, waterfalls as you head to hike to the Bugata camp which has got over 4,062 meters. While on this point, you will get to see the treks look so amazing and beautiful but on the other hand, they will look tougher. This is because there are steep ridges and bogs that are so slippery hence making it difficult.

You will pass through the Bamwanjara pass on the fourth day as you head up to the Hunwick’s camp which has got 3974m. The Bamwanjara peak gives a beautiful stunning view of the snowcapped peaks.

When planning for a hike to Mountain Bakers Summit which is over 4844m, you have to wake up early in the morning and start your hike which starts from the Hunwick’s camp. This hike will take over 5 hours to reach the top and it will also take you over 3 hours to ascend from the top of the mountain to its lower slopes. While on this mountain, you will spend your night at Hunwick’s camp the nearest camp to the mountain. During your descent, you will find your foot prints through the Bugata camp.

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