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Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge

Mountain gorillas nest lodge is a lodging option provided to visitors seeking a reasonable lodging with star quality services. In the northern region of Rwanda, in the Musanze district

Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge

Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is not far from the 3-star Mountain Gorilla Nest Lodge. As one of the intermediate options, this mountain gorillas nest lodge is a lodging option provided to visitors seeking a reasonable lodging with star quality services. In the northern region of Rwanda, in the Musanze district, is where the lodge may be found. The mountain gorilla nest lodge is situated in a secluded area amid eucalyptus trees, affording guests a lovely view of the hills and some of the volcanoes national park.

As it is only 2 hours and 30 minutes from Kigali, 5 hours from Nyungwe Forest National Park, and 4 hours from Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s wildlife national park, you may reach this lodge from any area of the nation. The Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The  Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest Park, and the mgahinga Gorilla National Park are the other mountain gorilla homes, and the volcanoes National Park is home to the endangered mountain gorillas.

From either of the other mountain gorilla parks, you can connect via the land borders of Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo—Rwanda; the drive between the parks takes between two and four hours. If you’d rather travel less, Akagera Aviation offers scheduled flights to Musanze Airstrip, from where it takes 40 minutes to go to the hotel.

The briefings for the mountain gorilla trekking are held at the Volcanoes National Park reception, which is about a 5-minute drive from the mountain gorillas nest lodge. The mountain gorillas nest lodge boasts a kind, attentive staff that will happily look after each guest, and the surrounding environment further enhances the appeal of this facility.

The Mountain Gorilla Nest Lodge is a classy establishment with up to 21 roomy villas that integrate contemporary design with Rwandan culture. The walls are constructed of local stone, the majority of which are lava stones that have been regionally transformed by the area’s volcanic activity. The bedding has a contemporary touch to it to provide optimal comfort during the night. This lodge’s structures have grass thatch covering their roofs.

Each lodging unit offers an en suite bathroom with a flushing toilet, hot and cold water showers, and a bath tub of your choice. A sitting or relaxing area is provided on the balconies of the rooms, which also provide views of the Virunga mountain ranges and the park from the lodge.

Modern fitted bedding made of Egyptian cotton is provided during your stay, and a private fireplace will keep you warm on chilly nights. Pack enough warm clothes to augment the heat from the fire because it can get chilly at night in and around the volcanoes national park.

The hotel offers accommodations in every size, including single, double, triple, and family rooms for large families traveling together. The one and only recently acquired the mountain gorillas Nest lodge and is working to transform it from a midrange to a top-end luxury hotel.

The lodge was relaunched as the one and only gorilla nest lodge on October 30, 2019, and it now provides top-notch luxury services. The resort is currently offered to visitors seeking a luxurious treat while seeing the volcanoes national park. This lodge is available for reservations any day of the year because it is open all year round.

While on your luxury Rwanda safari, you can participate in a variety of extra activities, such as bird watching from the comfort of your lodge because there are many migrant birds there, connecting to Lake Kivu for a visit and canoeing, or even taking a cultural tour at one of the nearby cultural centers like the Ibyiwacu cultural center, which gives visitors a taste of the Rwandan culture through dance and drama.

When you’re ready to travel to Rwanda, especially to the Volcanoes National Park, get in touch with us and let us arrange your stay at the Mountain Gorilla Nest Lodge.

The ultra-luxury Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge is tucked away in a Eucalyptus tree forest in the Musanze province of northern Rwanda. The Jack Hannahs cottages at the lodge provide opulent family-sized lodging with stunning views of Rwanda’s hills and the national park’s volcanic slopes.


The 40 rooms in the cottages, which were built in a forest of trees and arranged in a semicircle around the main courtyard, are all ensuite. The enormous cottages are divided into two major areas: a very magnificent living room space with a fireplace that burns wood, a television, a dining area with a bar area, and a kitchen. Each bedroom has its own spacious bathroom and a lovely view of the golf course.

There is a wraparound porch/veranda on the exterior with access from the living room with a magnificent view of Rwanda’s undulating hills and a green golf course. The cottages are quite quiet and secluded, and they allow you a wide range of options.

Services at the lodge.

 You will be well-cared for during your stay at the Jack Hannah Lodge. The staff is outstanding and always willing to go above and beyond for you. They also replenish the firewood in your fireplace and get you up very early to ensure that you don’t miss your gorilla safari. The restaurant serves full courses and has an ongoing generator that supplies all of the electricity needed. Free wifi is among the other services offered. Hannah Cottages is a lovely alternative for many types of guests, but is especially suitable for a family of four who will have the property to themselves.

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