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Hiking of Mountain Stanley

Mountain Stanley is so far recognized as the third highest peak among all those in Africa. For example mountain Kilimanjaro, and mountain Kenya. Alternatively, this mountain is recognized as the highest among all the six peaks around the Rwenzori mount ranges with a height of 5109m.

Climbing Mount Stanley, at a glance.

Margherita peak is the highest point out stretching a flounder of 5109m.More so, Mountain Stanley is recognized as the highest mountain around the ranges of mountain Rwenzori.

Several routes are and trails are available and organized for the tourists who are ready to trek to the peak. This is quite tire sum but an enjoyable journey to the clients because it will take you over 7 days to reach the mountain and then trek. Therefore, we always advice our clients to make sure that they are physically fit, experienced in the hiking of mountains and health to avoid risks of getting sick while at the top.

As Adventure in the wild safaris, we have got a trained team which will brief you and train about the trekking activity.  The company   will provide for you the equipment’s you will use while on hiking and then teach you how to use them for example the ropes, crampons, sticks and so on. These are all provided because the routes to the top of the mountain involve   ice hiking.

Since these routes to this peak are too long, it becomes advantageous to the clients because the clients get used to the journey and therefore the risk of getting sick all the time is reduced.

NOTE; The trekking to this peak is really difficult and tire sum compared to all the others such as mountain Kilimanjaro.

It is so far in record that all our clients who hike to the summit have got a successful rate of over 98 percent to reach the top.

How long does it take to hike Mount Stanley?

The hike to mountain Stanley is said to be quite longer and tire sum therefore for one to reach the summit, he or she needs ore 8 to 7 days. Among these days, we include in the days spent in the camps as you are hiking to the summit because you really need to rest otherwise problems might arise.

Once you start planning for this safari, put it in mind that you should really have enough time of not less than 8 days. This will help you to feel the picnic of the adventure experience of your safari. However, there are those that may need less than that and can finally be successful. But as Adventure in the wild safaris, we do not always recommend that for our clients because it may arise to constant sickness since you have not yet got used to the journey.

While doing our safaris and hikes, we always make sure that we give the best safaris to our clients by moving them at a very preferred speed and favorable not that that will stress them. We also make sure that our clients get beneficial trekking safaris every day.

What does a typical itinerary look like?

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be picked up by your trained guide who will immediately transfer you to kilembe. You will spend your night at sine camp which is 2598m.You will wake up and then start hiking to go for the trekking activity. You will then continue with your hike as you head to Mutinda camp which is over 3588m.This camp has got a balcony that has beautiful stunning views of the other mountains.

You will   wake up the next day and  continue with your journey    through a valley of amazing fauna, waterfalls, land scapes and so on  as you are  hiking  to the Bugata camp which is 4062m. while  on your way, the hike gets more difficult ,tire sum and so sliding hence making it so difficult for the hike. However, this can’t stop the journey from becoming the beautiful and the best.

The next day, you will go through the Bamwanjara pass where you will get to see the beautiful view points of the snowcapped peaks, beautiful land scapes as you hike to Hunwick’s camp which is  3974m to spend your overnight there.

Very early in the morning as you wake up, you will go through the overlooking valley and stunning lakes of kitandara as you hike to Margherita camp which is at 4485m.

You will wake up on the 6th day and then start your tough hike to the summit of margherita peak at 5109m  as you  pass through the dramatic glaciers, ice walls, beautiful landscapes and so on. This is recognized as the longest and most tough hike. However, the hike is so rewarding, beautiful ad beginning at 2:00 o’clock. From there, you will slope down up to Hunwick’s camp where you will get your meals and then your overnight.

We shall wake up   the next morning and then continue with our journey descending to the kiharo camp at 3430m which has got very beautiful vegetation and cliffs as you pass through the Oliver’s camp.

The last day of our hiking, we shall marvel and arrive to the camp as we continue to kasese passing through the be witching forests and rivers. We shall continue and then finally spend our overnight at a local hotel. The hotel is all ensuite with showers, bathrooms, well trained and caring staff to make you feel better and have a memorable night.

Is Mount Stanley always included in a Rwenzori mountains trek?

It is noted that mount Rwenzori is most liked and preferred by the clients compared to Mount Stanley.

In case a client would like to get the best option for your hike, you can choose to take the circular route through the mountains to start your hiking on the mountains without ascending to Mount Stanley. While on your hike, you will have to see the beautiful stunning views of the land scapes and the other peaks hence giving you the best safari.

After you have read all what we have written above and you have got interested, you can decide and  book with us Adventure in the wild safaris  for the best safari to the summit. We shall be ready to give you a package that is favorable for you and will make you have a picnic adventure safari.

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