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Murambi Genocide Memorial Site

The Murambi Genocide Memorial Site stands in honor of 65,000 people who were murdered at a church and technical school. During the chaos of the genocide, many Tutsis sought places of refuge and hiding. The local school was slated by the mayor of Murambi and the local Bishop as such a place, and thousands of people gathered there on April 16, 1994.  Soon after, the water supply was cut off, and no food was delivered to those resting in the church. After five days under siege, the hungry, weakened refugees were overrun and 45,000 people were slaughtered by the Interhamwe, an army of Hutu militiamen. The remaining 20,000 refugees sought asylum in a church nearby, but they too were murdered the next day.


One can take a tour of the school and visit several preserved corpses and burial rooms, though the victims were originally buried in a mass grave. The tour guides are themselves survivors of the Murambi massacre.



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