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Ndali Lodge

Uganda is a very diverse destination with many unique activities that you can do while on a safari. This a complete Guide highlighting the top things to do in Uganda  while on a safari.

Ndali Lodge

an extended family. The cozy and luxurious Ndali Lodge is located just west of Kibale Forest National Park on the shore of a crater lake. a choice among travelers as a starting point for monkey trekking.

What makes Ndali Lodge so special?

 The lodge itself won’t let you down, but the owners, managers, and staff—along with the three family dogs who will be eager to welcome you—are what actually make Ndali exceptional.

The word “homely” best describes Ndali, where you may spend evenings sipping cocktails and having candlelit dinners.

Every visitor to the lodge departs with a positive sense and a connection to a very special place, which is something that not many lodges in East Africa can easily say. The lodge has a fascinating history to share.

Rooms & Amenities In Ndali Lodge

8 cottages and a honeymoon cabin with a bigger bed are available at Ndali Lodge. All of the cottages feature private toilets and lovely views of the surrounding countryside and lakes.

The resort is situated on the brink of a crater lake, providing stunning views from every cabin (and the opulent bathrooms located within!). The dining space offers a very romantic atmosphere, and the main building opens up to a swimming pool. The laundry is done for free.

Activities In a Stay at Ndali Lodge.

Kibale Forest National Park.  Ndali is your entry point for chimpanzee trekking as the trailhead is only 45 minutes away and is located just 10 kilometers west of Kibale Forest National Park. While the chimpanzees will always be the major attraction, Kibale offers a wealth of additional attractions, like the Bigodi Community Wetland Sanctuary and the Toro Crater Lakes, which make for fantastic side trips.

Local Walks. Our favorite of the estate’s many gorgeous walks is a 90-minute stroll around the lovely lake. You can completely lose yourself in your peaceful surroundings during the contemplative walk. You can decide to spend some time on the jetty sitting next to the five different species of kingfishers that frequent there.

Even specialized bird walks are available for bird enthusiasts. The lodge will have information on the journey.

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