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Nyanza Memorial Site

Before the start of the genocide, the United Nations constructed a technical school called L’Ecole Technique Officiel (ETO) in the town of Nyanza. UN soldiers were stationed at the school to protect Rwandans. However, shortly after the president of Rwanda’s plane was shot down in early April 1994, 10 Belgian soliders were killed by the interahamwe at Camp Kigali. Afterwards, the UN soldiers stationed at ETO abandoned the site and the 5,000 Tutsis who had sought refuge there. Immediately, the Interahamwe attacked the school and killed those hiding there. Sixty victims of the attack are buried at the memorial site, while the rest were buried in mass graves nearby. Today, the memorial site, 30 km from Kigali, contains hundreds of bloodied articles of clothing as well as skulls and bones of the victims.

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