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Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands | The picture-perfect Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria are the ideal location to take a breather when traveling across Uganda because of their white sandy beaches, crystal-clear seas, and palm palms.

Introduction to Ssese Island.

The Ssese Islands, which are located in the northwest part of Lake Victoria, are the ideal getaway if you’re trying to unwind.

84 islands make up the thriving archipelago of Ssese, which includes white sand beaches, crystal-clear waterways, and tropical vegetation.

Numerous primate species, including colobus and vervet monkeys, sitatunga antelope, and other endangered birds, call the islands home.

Each of the inhabited islands has something special to offer. Ssese has a wide range of environments and activities.

The Islands.

The largest and most developed island for tourism is Buggala. Swimming is a preferred pastime in this area, particularly at Mutambara beach. To tour the island, you can also rent quad bikes or bicycles.

The calm and serenely gorgeous Banda Island is privately owned. Bring a nice book because reading while enjoying the sun is the ideal activity here.

You can rent canoes or go fishing for tilapia and Nile perch if you do feel like exploring the lake.

For those who enjoy animals, the Jane Goodall Foundation established Ngamba island, sometimes referred to as Chimp Island, as a chimpanzee refuge.

The varied landscape of Bulago Island’s rocky outcrops and woods makes for a variety of pathways to select from and fantastic opportunity to spot unusual birds and fauna.

Things To Do In Ssese Islands


A hot afternoon swim in the clean, refreshing water is ideal. The most well-known swimming location is Mutumbala Beach on the Buggala Island, although it’s possible that your lodging has swimming places as well.

There are no hippos and very few crocodiles in the Ssese Islands. Be warned that, although its rarity today, many people still decide to swim in hotel pools because they believe that the lake has bilharzia.


The Ssese Islands are an excellent place to fish for tilapia and the Nile perch, the largest fish in Lake Victoria, which is a growingly popular activity in Uganda.

A UWA fishing permit is not necessary to go fishing in Lake Victoria, but you must go with a licensed boat operator who is registered with the Ministry of Fisheries. The arrangements for this will be made for you if you book with us. It is possible to rent fishing gear or bring your own.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, which is now a primate haven and a significant conservation effort owing to the Jane Goodall Foundation, is home to more than 50 rescued and orphaned chimpanzees.

Since many of the chimpanzees were saved from poachers, it seems unlikely that they will survive being released back into the wild.

They now spend their time dangling from the island’s rainforest trees under the protection of the sanctuary. It’s a special experience you won’t get anyplace else in Uganda to spend time playing with and feeding the chimpanzees at the sanctuary.

Wildlife Viewing.

Numerous primates, notably vervet and colobus monkeys, reside in the Ssese Islands.

Hippos can occasionally be heard along Buggala’s southwest coast, while crocodiles occasionally visit the more isolated islands.

The greatest time to glimpse the elusive sitatunga is during an early-evening canoe journey around the lake’s swampy borders.

Quad biking.

Quad riding is a fun method for people who are feeling brave to explore the islands.

Due to the quad bike’s versatility, you can travel through the forest, through sandy beaches and steep cliff tops, and even stop in a nearby fishing village for lunch and a chance to get to know the people there.

It is not necessary to have prior quad bike experience, and you can practice before moving onto more challenging terrain if necessary.

Places to Stay In While At Ssese Islands


The Ssese Islands have a variety of inexpensive and moderately priced lodging options. There aren’t any luxurious alternatives yet.

However, you won’t be dissatisfied with your current options. Each hotel and resort has direct access to the lake and unobstructed views.

Budget lodgings include a number of campsites and a hostel on Banda Island, while the mid-range choices include bandas, cottages, and self-contained suites.

Mirembe Beach Resort.

A beachfront resort named Mirembe (which means serenity in Luganda) has 30 individual guest rooms and suites that are peacefully hidden under the shade of trees.

Located on Buggala Island, close to Kalangala, is the resort. The accommodations provide Wi-Fi and are modest but tasteful.

The eatery offers a variety of local and foreign foods and beverages, which may be taken advantage of while seated around the campfire or at a table immediately facing the lake.

For those searching for an affordable option, Mirembe also boasts a campground. The hotel’s amenities and facilities are available to campers.

Brovad Sands Lodge.

The Ssese Islands’ nearest accommodation to ultimate luxury is Brovad Sands Lodge, which is situated on Buggala Island.

There are several ways to relax, including beach access, a spa, sauna, and pool.

The options for lodging for guests include spacious suites, cottages, and family villas.

One of the most well-liked lodging alternatives in the Ssese Islands is Brovad Sands Lodge, which offers free WiFi, a restaurant, lounge, and bar, as well as a variety of activities.

Ssese Island Beach Hotel.

Ssese Island Beach Hotel, which is located in Lutoboka Bay and is just a five-minute drive from the Entebbe ferry dock, is yet another fantastic place to go for activities.

You can keep active with the on-site golf course, banana boats, quad riding, canoe trips, cultural excursions, nature walks, and sunbathing by the calm waters all day.

Choose from a number of suites with views of the lake, woodland, or golf course. Additionally, there is a bar, a campfire area, and a restaurant with an à la carte menu.

Getting To & When To Visit Ssese Islands

How to get to the Ssese Islands.

Every day at 2pm, a sizable, contemporary automobile ferry leaves Nakiwogo Dock, south of Entebbe, for Kalangala Bay on the Ssese Islands.

Every day at 8am, the ferry departs from Kalangala Bay and returns to Nakiwogo Dock (Entebbe).

The trip takes about three and a half hours. Tickets for first and second classes are offered. The only distinction is that the first class might be less crowded.

You can book a speed boat to take you to Bulago Island, and work is currently being done on the island’s airfield.

Private boats and lake taxis, which are substantial wooden boats, will connect several Islands.

When to visit Sese Islands.

The Ssese Islands are best visited from late June to October, when it’s cooler and drier.

Because animals cluster around major water sources throughout these months, it is less likely that rain will cancel planned activity during these times.

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