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Uganda Safari Companies / Uganda Safari Tour Operators

Uganda also known as the pearl of Africa is one of the best safari destinations in Africa, popular for Gorilla Trekking and wildlife Adventure safaris. While Planning your Uganda Safari, you will need the safaris of reputable safari company to ensure that your trip is accurately planned and also ensure that when you come for the safari, you are in safe hands. Here are some of the considerations you should put in place while choosing the Uganda Safari Companies / Uganda Safari Tour Operators to book your Uganda safari with.


  • Are they members of the association of Uganda Tour operators

Before booking a safari in Uganda, ensure that you check the website of the Association of Uganda tour operators (AUTO) and ensure that the company you book with is a member. This will ensure  that a member can be traced in case of faulting of the contract you agreed with them. It also shows that the company has fulfilled all the requirements to operate as a tour operator in Uganda. Adventure in the wild safaris is a full member of the association of the Uganda tour operators.

  • Are they licensed by the Uganda tourism board

Uganda safari companies are required to be licensed by the Uganda tourism board in order to be recognized as a genuine tour operator having fulfilled all the requirements by government. Therefore you have to ask the company whether it is registered with the Uganda tourism board.

  • Reviews on Trip Advisor

Before choosing a Uganda Safari company, please ensure that the company has a reputable track record. The most trusted forum where you can access information written by previous travelers is TripAdvisor, if a company does not have a good track record, its better to stay away from it and instead search for a better company.  At Adventure in the wild safaris, we pride in offering the best Uganda Safaris attested by our reviews on TripAdvisor.

  • Response time and accuracy of information provided

When you send an inquiry with intention to book a tour in Uganda, you will most probably send inquiries to more than one company. However the response time and accuracy of information provided is very important if you are to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Therefore be keen on how the tour operator helps you build your safari and book with the one providing the best option.

  • Price of the safari

Many travelers usually consider price and prefer to book a cheaper price, however note that different Uganda Safari Tour operators offer different activities and therefore the price is not the same. You should therefore be keen on the activities provided in the package and ensure that you book a package which will guarantee a better experience of the safari.

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