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White water rafting

White water rafting is one of the adventurous activities that is magically enjoyed on the waters f lake Victoria or river Nile but it is mostly best done in Jinja which is known as a colonial town as well as ‘Uganda’s capital of adventure’. White water rafting is a sports water activity that has been enjoyed for the past ten years in Uganda on Victoria or river Nile.

White water rafting takes places in different intervals, the source of the Nile water meanders through the naturally formed rocks of Lake Victoria. Therefore activity is operated depend on grades of the rapids levels by different experienced experts.

Where to go white water rafting?

White water rafting adventure activity is operated by a number of companies that are found Jinja on the river Nile. The activity is done at spot point where Lake Victoria separates from river Nile. Some of the famous companies that operate white water rafting in Uganda include Nalubale rafting company; Adrift Uganda rafting company, the Nile River explores white rafting company among other companies, however Adrift Uganda is the best and most famous white water rafting companies that operates the activity on the source of river Nile as well as on Lake Victoria.

White water rafting is mostly best done on river Nile at the source of the Nile, although it can also be done ion Murchison falls national park. The white water rafting experience at the source of the Nile will give incredible and magical experience with videos that will be taken and given to participants ta the end of the cavity. It is such a memorable experience that you will enjoy watching yourself in the video recordings when you return home. The white water rafting video recording are shot 30 km depending on the different levels of grading. The grades varies according to rapids, there is grade one, two and five which are enjoyed depending on the age of the travelers, for example; grade one and two is enjoyed by the young while as grade two is enjoyed by the mature and adventurous travelers.

How is white water rafting activity done?

The activity is enjoyed in team work participation where everyone in the paddle raft full engages themselves in the activity and the team in paddle raft is led by a profession experienced guide known as the captain. The captains will guide the team on how to paddle and will give them safety instructions and how best the team can enjoy the rafting adventure.

The white water rafting company starts at grade one and two where you will move slowly on the rapids, this is intended to give participants confidence before they start the serious rapids of the river Nile. In the first and second grade the captain is taking them through all the instructions before they reach the tough point where all rafters have to be serious and full engaged due the fact that they have reached a point where the water is rough.

For Safety reasons we advise travelers to book with profession and experienced white water rafting companies that will always give you an accompanied kayaks team for rescue in case of any accident or failure of the rafters to help themselves in the paddle rafter.

What is the cost white rafting?

White water costs about 145 USD and 255 USD per person depending on the type of Raft Company that a traveler has used on his white water rafting safari in Jinja and how long he/she wants to take while enjoying the activity. This is because there is half day and full day white water rafting experience. The activity can be combined together with other sports activities on river Nile such as bungee jumping, horse riding as well as zip lining.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting | From Jinja, a lakeside town, one may go white-water rafting down the fierce rapids of Uganda’s White Nile. It’s a terrific way to begin or end your vacation and makes a smooth change from the south-western safaris to further exploration in the north.

White Water Rafting in Uganda.

At a glance.

In Jinja, a lakeside hamlet where the Nile rushes upstream from Lake Victoria, white-water rafting is an option.

It’s a well-liked activity at the beginning or finish of a safari circuit or has a “halfway point” separating the south-west and north-east of the circuit.

Although there are several lengthy, turbulent grade VI and grade V rapids, no prior knowledge of white-water rafting is necessary. Most individuals will be experiencing white-water rafting for the first time today!

Rescue kayaks and safety boats are nearby in case of emergencies, and all necessary safety procedures have been implemented. There isn’t much to worry about, even though there is some risk involved with any exercise like this.

Choosing the route.

There are “moderate” paths you can choose if you want to experience floating down the Nile while surrounded by lush woods and wildlife but don’t want to be flung around by the bigger rapids.

These courses avoid the roughest rapids while still providing a satisfying thrill.

For bigger parties and families, there is also a “family float” option available. These routes will also avoid the most challenging rapids because the larger boats are more resilient against the waves.

You have the option of taking on the intimidating Big Four, Grade V rapids that include the aptly named Itanda (“The Bad Place”), as well as easier routes.

The rapids are spread out over a 20 km stretch of river; some sections are wilder than others, but they are all surrounded by stunning scenery and the sound of birdsong, and some of the quieter sections allow for swimming.

All rafting journeys start in Jinja, the town. The town, which is close to one of the Nile’s most significant sources, Lake Victoria, is a hub for white-water rafting as well as other adventure sports including kayaking, quad-biking, horseback riding, and bungee jumping.

Additionally, quieter pursuits like birding are ideal in the surrounding countryside of Jinja. You may embark on cruises on Lake Bujagali and view animals including papyrus gonoleks, white-backed night herons, and crimson-rumped waxbills.

Where to stay.

We advise staying in Bujagali or further along the river because Jinja’s hotels tend to cater more to business travelers. Jinja Nile Resort, which is a dependable, well-liked option in adjacent Bujagali but has a slightly dated aesthetic, is a decent choice.

The Wild waters Lodge, which is located downstream by the Kalangala Falls on a secluded island, is a fantastic choice. It has 8 canvas and thatch houses, a natural pool that fits in wonderfully with the river in the background, a good restaurant, and the ideal combination of original traditional style and opulent facilities. 

When to go.

The river is less impacted by seasonal rainfall when there is an upstream dam. This indicates that white-water rafting is a year-round activity in Uganda.

Many people prefer to come to Uganda in the drier months of late June to October and late December to early March, although visiting during other times of the year is still fun provided you don’t mind a little rain.

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