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Wild Waters Lodge

Wild Waters Lodge | One of the rare lodges that evokes strong feelings and begs for a repeat trip is Wild waters Lodge. The 10 luxurious suites at Wild water, located on a private island in the River Nile, guarantee a memorable stay in one of the most beautiful settings we’ve ever seen.

What makes Wild waters special?

One of the most distinctive resorts in Uganda is Wild waters. The lodge is only reachable by boat and is located on a private island. The lodge is a cutting-edge illustration of how to combine luxury accommodations with adventurous travel.

The majority of visitors utilize Wild waters as their headquarters while spending a couple of days participating in action-packed activities in and around the Jinja region, including, but not limited to, kayaking, canoeing, white-water rafting, paddleboarding, fishing, horseback riding, and quad biking.

The hotel itself meets all the requirements for a contemporary premium hotel. Excellent service, well-designed, large rooms, private verandas, and en suite bathrooms. Wild waters is a pretty unique location.

Rooms and Amenities.

10 suites, including 1 raised family suite, are available at Wild waters. There is a walk-in shower in the en suite bathroom of each unit. All of the suites have stunning views, but the river room views are especially breathtaking. Drinks are provided to your own veranda for your enjoyment, and massage and spa services are also offered.

The bar, restaurant, lounge area, and dining space are all located in the main building and open onto the pool and the nearby Nile Rapids.

Activities around Wild waters.

Jinja, Uganda’s adrenaline capital, is about 25 kilometers away from Wild waters. Travelers frequently add or subtract a few days in Jinja to their schedule for Uganda to spend some exhilarating time on the Nile. Here, you may do kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, horseback riding, mountain biking, bungee jumping, and of course, white-water rafting.

After a long day of strenuous activities, coming home to your luxurious suite is pure delight. Wild waters is the ideal illustration of hard days, soft evenings.

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