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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Attractions - What To See


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is located in South Western Uganda in the Western Arm of the Great Rift Valley, has various tourist attractions and it’s divided into four regions such as Buhoma region in the north of Bwindi, Rushaga in the south, Nkuringo in the south, and Ruhija in the east and the various attractions are all available in these sectors such as Hiking, Birding, Mountain Biking, cultural encounters, the Ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as well as Gorilla Trekking which is currently available only in the South of Bwindi in Nkuringo and Rushaga regions.


The ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest

Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest the few forests in Africa which still flourished even in the last ice age. It covers an area of about 331 square kilometers at an altitude of 1,160 meters-2,607 meters within the ishasha gorge, up the Rwamanyonyi Peak. Its average temperatures range between 7-20 degrees C and the temperatures are normally cool in the months of June and July. Heavy rains are received in the months of March, April, September, and November, and it’s normally dry in the rest of the year, but however, there is no guarantee that it won’t rain since it’s a tropical rainforest.

The Ancient Rainforest is a habitat to more than 326 endangered mountain gorillas, in other words, approximately more than have of the total population of mountain gorillas in the whole world making Uganda the leading and as well main Gorilla Safari area. The rainforest also provides Habitation for over 30 elephants, 120 species of mammals of which 7 are diurnal primates, about 360 bird species, 200 butterfly species, and it also has over 324 tree species of which 10 cannot be found in any other part of Uganda including 23 Albertine Rift Endemics hence making Bwindi forest favourable for trekking.

The Mountain Gorillas

This is the most interesting activity in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has attracted many tourists hence promoting more gorilla visits in Uganda. Bwindi has about 14 habituated gorilla families but currently, gorilla trekking is mainly carried out in the southern part of Bwindi in the regions of Nkuringo and Rushaga. Gorilla trekking In Bwindi costs only $600 therefore tourists who want to go for gorilla trekking are required to have their Gorilla trekking permit which can be acquired through contactig the Uganda Wildlife Authority head offices or through a tour or safari company. Through gorilla trekking, tourists are only allowed to spend one hour with the gorillas and only 8 trekkers are allowed per gorilla family. The age limit for one to go for a gorilla trek is limited at 15 years therefore clients below 15 years are not accepted for gorilla trekking. Therefore through your trek through the forest, you will be able to view the colorful beautiful birds, butterflies, the black and white colobus monkeys and many other plant and animal species.


Hiking through the Bwindi Impenetrable forest is very interesting and as you enjoy the nature walk, you will be accompanied by fantastic views of various beautiful bird species singing in the air, butterflies, the beautiful sceneries of the ever green vegetation and waterfalls within the forest. You will also be able to see the chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys as well as other primates. Buhoma region of Bwindi has six main hiking trails and these include; muyanga waterfall trail, Rushura hill walk, Muzubijiro loop trail, Buhoma-Nkuringo trail, the ivi river walk, and the Habinyanja trail.


Bwindi impenetrable forest is a habitat to about 350 bird species for example the Blue-headed sun-bird, short-tailed warbler, Red headed Blue-Bil, White-tailed blue flycatchers, the attractive African Emerald cuckoo and many others. Therefore through hiking and trekking within the forest, you will be able to view these various bird species.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking at Bwindi Impenetrable National park is carried out in and around Bwindi impenetrable forest and it’s offered by a women organization called Ride 4 a woman organization. Through biking, you will be able to climb the Buhoma mountain trail and while at the top, you will be able to view the wildlife as well as the beautiful scenery of the forest hence leaving you with a memorable experience at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Cultural Encounters

While at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you will be able to encounter with the amazing cultural activities performed in the local communities of the Batwa and Bakiga local people. You will encounter with activities like the amazing cultural dances and singing which portray their past life in the forest, craft activities, farming skills as well as meeting with the blacksmiths and traditional healer who treats the sick using local herbal medicine from plants.


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