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Gorilla trekking Uganda April

Although gorilla trekking in Uganda has a best time to be done, it is a flexible activity that can be done all year round from January to December and a traveler will still have an exceptional adventure of the rare endangered mountain gorilla species found in the African wild.  April is one of the months that is among the rainy season period of the year in Uganda it is considered a low season month for gorilla trekking.

Why gorilla trekking in April?

Although April is in a low season period for gorilla trekking it one of the best months to travel by majority of the visitors that come to Uganda for gorilla trekking without necessary waiting for the dry season. Most travelers will wonder why most people like traveling in the month of April but the secret in this month is to be revealed by the adventure in the wild safari.

During this month of April, the accommodation facilities like the lodges have less occupancy they therefore tend to reduce their accommodation rates for the rooms so that they can survive in this low season until the peak season comes back again and this is usually the dry seasons of June – October and December – February. Lodges also easily give discounted rate to group traveler who have to enjoy the gorilla trekking adventure.

Another secret that tourists who travel in April have is that during this rainy season the forest trees are said to be flowering and this is an advantage in disguise where you will have an opportunity to enjoy viewing a number of bird species that come to these flowers to collect juice as you enjoy the calling of their voices while on your gorilla trek adventure in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

Although it may not be difficulty to do gorilla trekking in April since it’s a rainy season we usually advise all travelers to prepare themselves before they set off for their gorilla trekking safari. Since April is a rainy season we advise travelers to carry strong water proof jackets , such that incase it rains while trekking it can help them not to get wet.

We advise travelers to get rid of the rainy season and they should know what to carry so that a traveler does not to ruin their gorilla trekking safari

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