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Gorilla trekking Uganda April

Although gorilla trekking in Uganda has a best time to be done, it is a flexible activity that can be done all year round from January to December and a traveler will still have an exceptional adventure of the rare…

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10 Facts about Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda.

Interesting Facts about the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo Facts about Mountain Gorillas -Mountain Gorillas are the endangered primate species living in the dense tropical forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla forest in south western Uganda,…

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Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the 3 countries in the world where you can do mountain gorilla trekking. Here are some of things you need to know when planning your gorilla trekking Rwanda Safari in volcanoes national park. Gorilla trekking Rwanda…

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