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Jinja the Adventure Capital of East Africa

Jinja town is known as the Adventure Capital of East Africa that is situated in eastern part of Uganda. Jinja town is one of the tourism destinations that are near and close to Kampala capital city where travelers can go for an excursion safari then return to Kampala in just one day after enjoying the adventurous activities in Jinja.

Jinja is a home to the source of the Nile which is the starting point of river Nile the longest river in the world that offers a lot of sports adventurous activities to all travelers that visit the Nile. River Nile is one of the tourism places in Jinja that attract a lot of travelers and it has a lot to offer in terms of tourism activities such as bungee jumping, kayaking, boat cruise ride, white water rafting among others.

When travelers are going to Jinja there are a lot of en-route activities that they can engage in as they enjoy exploring the Adventure Capital of East Africa such as zip-lining, birding and guided nature walks in Mabira forest that will give travelers an insight to view the griffin falls as well as other wildlife in the forest such as the birds, big and tall tree species like mahogany trees, primate animals like the white and black colobus monkeys, the grey checked mangabey, the red tailed monkeys among others.

Mabira forest is one of the Ugandan protected and remaining conserved forests that are situated along the way to Jinja in Buikwe district just after Ssezibwa falls which is one of the incredible and awesome waterfall that is visited by a number of visitors.

What activities to enjoy in Jinja?

As earlier mentioned, Jinja has got a lot of endless activities to enjoy while on a Uganda safari which are concentrated mostly on the river Nile that is home to a lot of historical site such as Bugajali, the Busoga king palace among others as well as sport activities which include the following;

Bungee jumping activity, this is one of the incredible adventure activities that are enjoyed at river Nile. The activity involves tying the body and legs with an elastic rope, then you will jump off from one point which is about 40 meters to the Nile water then swing going downwards the Nile water so as you can touch and kiss the surface of the water. The activity is new in Uganda that is only done in Jinja at river Nile and it is extremely an interesting activity that will give you great unforgettable memories about ‘The Pearl of Africa’ visit.

White water rafting, white water rafting is one of the key number one adventure activities that is greatly enjoyed by a number of travelers who visit Jinja the Adventure capital of East Africa. The rafting adventure at river Nile is done in grades of the rapids, grade 0ne and grade two is for children and first time rafters that fear to encounter with grade five which is for the experienced adults. The rafting activity is done with a help of a professional and experienced guide who is also known as the captain that takes travelers through the different rapid grades especially grade one and two so as to gain confidence for grade five and he trains and instructs rafters of how to paddle since rafting activity involves team work participation through paddling and tells rafters how best they can enjoy the white water rafting adventure. The activity gives travelers an opportunity to explorer the different rapids of river Nile, the spills of water, enjoy exploring the scenic beauty of river Nile, Bird species and many more.

Kayaking experience, this involves the ride of small kayak boats in which  you will be ridden slowly on river Nile as you explore the beauty of river Nile, you will enjoy views of the surrounding villages, the rapids, birds on animal species on the shores of river Nile, views of the islands among others.

Horse riding experience, beside Lake Mburo national park, Jinja the Adventure Capital of East Africa is another tourism destination where travelers can enjoy horse riding adventure in Uganda. The activity is extremely interesting where first time riders are given basics skills and knowledge of how to operate a ride on a horse since the horses are trained and they will do what you want them to do. Horse riding activity is done in two phases such as in the morning hours as well as the evening hours.  Horse riding activity gives travelers an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of river Nile the surrounding communities, sugar plantations, tea plantations as well as the rolling hills in Jinja.

Quad biking, this is another extremely interesting activity that is done in Jinja and the activity can be enjoyed by both the adults and children. Quad biking that doesn’t limit travelers without experience due to the fact that it offers training sessions to all first time riders of how to operate the bike. It gives you an insight to explorer farm lands, go through the forests, and explore the surrounding communities, hills, tea plantations as well as the scenic beauty of river Nile among others.

Boat cruise ride , this is one of the ancient activities that has been done for a long a time on river Nile and it is one of the easiest way for travelers to access the source of the Nile.  Boat cruise ride is an exceptional adventure activity that is done by a motorized high speed boat which is operated by a guide known as the captain. The activity is extremely exciting as it gives travelers an insight to enjoy the rapids of river Nile, the scenic views exploring the source of river Nile, the surrounding villages among others.

Zip-lining, this is an exciting activity that can be done en-route in Mabira forest which is a tropical rainforest that is alongside Kampala-Jinja highway in Buikwe-Mukono district. Zip-lining gives travelers an opportunity to explore the different flora and fauna in the forest, different types of tree species, wildlife animals and birds, the griffin falls among others.

Other activities that can be done in Jinja the adventure capital of East Africa include sports fishing, mountain biking, swimming, birding, community visit among others. Please contact adventure in the wild safaris one of the leading safari company experts who will assist you organize a visit to Jinja the adventure capital of East Africa and we shall advise you on which activity you can participate in while on your safari to Jinja.  Feel free to send us an inquiry any time and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the best time to visit Jinja the adventure capital of East Africa?

The best time to visit Jinja is during the dry season which is in the months of December to February, June to October when there is less or no rain expected to inconvenience the activities which travelers would like to enjoy such as white water rafting on river Nile, bungee jumping, kayaking among others. It is very important for travelers to note that during the dry season, it is also known as the peak or high season where a lot of travelers are coming to Africa to enjoy their vacation holidays and leaves. Therefore the hotels are overcrowded, most of them have been fully booked and the most lodges have increased the prices of their room accommodations. During the dry season we advise travelers to make advance booking so that to make enough preparations and secure accommodation where they will stay when they visit Jinja the adventure capital of East Africa.

During the rainy season most of the activities not easily be done due to fact that there is a lot rainfall, this during the months of November, March, April, May when there is a lot of rainfall.  However during the rainy season activities   like quad biking are extremely interesting and exciting due the wet and muddy ground. Travelers can as well take a travel in the rainy season since it is also the low season where hotels are not so crowded thus the hotels reduce the price of their accommodation rooms.

Jinja the Adventure Capital of East Africa is open is for tourism to all travelers throughout the year without any limitation although living other natural factors constant especially the dry and rainy seasons. For travelers who have a lot of interest in adventure, we advise them to visit Jinja the Adventure Capital of East Africa due to fact almost 99% 0f the activities in Jinja are all adventurous in nature such as zip lining, bungee jumping, white water rafting among others.

Accommodations in Jinja the Adventure Capital of East Africa

There is a wide range of accommodation facilities in Jinja that travelers can stay in while on their safari to Jinja the adventure capital of East. These ranges from luxury lodges, mid-range as well as budget options depending on the traveler’s budget and interest. Some of the accommodation facilities include two friends guest house, hotel Triangle, sunset hotel international, Jinja safari hotel, explorer river camp, Jinja Nile resort hotel, rain forest lodge, Maison hotel, Bilkon hotel, King fisher resort among others. These have incredible facilities and excellent services such as the free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as barbecues, well established swimming pools, bar and restaurants, gardens among others. Feel free to contact us so as we can book you accommodation for next safari in Jinja.


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