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Uganda Safari Company

The Uganda the pearl of Africa is one of the upcoming top destinations in the world that is blessed with a wide range of exceptional safari activities that can be enjoy by all travelers that consider it for a true…

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Getting to Murchison fall national park

Murchison fall national park which is the largest national park cover a number of districts that are situated in north western part of the Kampala city Uganda such as Nwoya district, Masindi district, kiryadongo district, Bulisa district and part of…

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Best place for gorilla trekking

Best place for gorilla trekking, Uganda? Rwanda? Or DR Congo Gorillas are primate animals as well as apes that survive in the natural environments of African countries. They are counted among the rare and endangered wildlife species that are not…

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Nyero rock paintings

Nyero Rock Paintings, an historic gem in Eastern Uganda Although gorilla trekking is the leading activity in Uganda, the pearl of African is blessed with a wide range of activities and attractions that are located in different locations of the…

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Ishasha sector

Ishasha sector in Uganda is strategically situated in Queen Elizabeth national park, the second largest national park is found in south western of Uganda, It follows Murchison fall national park in north western of her motherland. These two national parks…

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