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What to pack for the Gorilla Trekking Safari?

For travelers planning to enjoy gorilla trekking safaris in Africa, it is important to know what elements to pack as you prepare to come for a lifetime dream experience so as you can enjoy a perfect gorilla safaris. Gears for the gorilla safaris are slightly different from  wildlife game safaris due to the fact that all gorilla trekking destinations are dominated by tropical rainforests which receive rainfall throughout the year while in the in the wildlife destinations, the parks are dominated by the open savannah vegetation as well as  tropical forests. Therefore travelers have a right inquire on what to pack for their safari depending on which the type of safari the travel is going to enjoy.

A list of essential gears to pack on a gorilla safari

it is the number one thought of must element to park for all travelers that are interested in enjoying a gorilla trekking adventure in the jungle. The gorilla trekking permit is a legal document or card that is issued by the Uganda wildlife authority permitting travelers who makes payment for a gorilla trekking experience to be allowed to participate in the trekking of a gorilla family in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga forest national park.

The gorilla trekking permit is only sold and out at the Uganda wildlife authority headquarter offices in Kampala and there is online purchasing of the gorilla permit. The gorilla trekking permit in uganda costs has been costing 600 USD per person per day but by June this year in 2020, there will an increase in the gorilla trekking permit from 600 USD to 700 USD per person therefore to avoid being cheated it is important that travelers get informed about the recent changes in the gorilla trekking permit.

Travelers can acquire a gorilla trekking permit through contacting directly the Uganda wildlife authority reservation offices before midday or even they can send them an email. We advise travelers to always contact UWA reservation offices before midday due the fact that after midday they are too busy to attend to the incoming calls.

Alternatively it becomes very easy, affordable and stress free if travelers book their gorilla trekking permit with a Uganda safari expert who will assist them to purchase a gorilla trekking permit since they are very experienced with the UWA operation procedures of acquiring a permit. When you book with a trusted and genuine tour operator like Adventure in the wild safaris, he will assist to organize the gorilla trekking safari and he will save you from some hassles encountered when you organize your own safari which might turn your experience into a hell safari.

A valid passport and visa, for the Uganda wildlife authority to issue out any gorilla trekking permit, a valid passport is a requirement that is needed by the Uganda wildlife authority after payments have been made. This is needed to confirm the age of the travelers due to the fact that travellers below 15 years of years of age are not allowed to participate in the gorilla trekking experience in the jungle. Even when travelers use tour operator, it is a necessity that a tour operator will ask for your passport details so that he can book you a gorilla trekking permit.

We advise travelers to book their gorilla trekking permit at least 6months prior to the date of travel due to the fact that gorilla trekking permit are on a very high demand especially during the dry season which is the peak season. Permits tend be sold out at the same time they are very competitive, there are high chances of travelers missing out on trekking if they didn’t make advance booking, therefore to avoid the last minute panic and stress we advise travelers to make advance payments and bookings, the uganda wildlife authority follows the service of first come, first service therefore there will not brides accepted to acquire a permit.

Other gorilla trekking gears pack on a gorilla trekking safari includes;

Strong water proof rain jackets, both Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park are dominated by the tropical rainforests that receive rainfall throughout the year even during the dry season. Therefore it might rain during the trekking experience but if travelers have carried their rain jackets it can help them and continue with the trekking in jungle.

Strong and light hiking gum boots and a long stockings, Bwindi forest is dominated by tall tree canopies that don’t allow easy penetration of sunlight to the ground thus the ground is always wet and slippery especially during the rainy season, therefore the hiking gum boots will enhance fast movement in the jungle as travelers hike to find a gorilla family. The stocking will protect your sickness from thorny bushes as you go through the thick impenetrable forest.

Back pack bags, this will assist to carry your packed lunch boxes, the bottles of enough water, the rain jackets among others elements that will assist you on a safari. If the back pack is too heavy and you feel inconvenienced there are always porters that can be hiked until the end of the trekking so as they can assist to carry your back pack at fees and tip. The porters are from the communities and they are hired at a fee they are not part of the park staff, travelers can give them a tip at end.

Long sleeved shirts for man, long sleeved top for ladies and long sleeved trousers. This is will protect your skin from wild insect bites, the thorny bushes as well as the cold weather in the forest.

Garden gloves, this will protect your hands from germs as you touch the ground and bushes to give you support as you hike the rolling hills of the forest to find a mountain gorilla family due to the fact that mountain gorillas are found in  the high altitude areas

Extra batteries and cameras, this will assist you to capture a lot of photos and videos with the mountain gorillas which will give you memories about your gorilla trekking safari experience in the African jungle.

A pair of strong binoculars, this will assist travelers to navigate through the thick impenetrable forest as enjoy viewing the callings of various bird species as they trek the mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest as well as view other wildlife animals in the forest.

Other essentials to pack while preparing for a gorilla trekking safari include; a first aid box in case of any accident, insect repellents, hut and sunglasses, sunlight repellent to avoid direct sun rays from heating your skin, extra leisure clothing to relax in at the lodge after a long gorilla trekking experience, toiletries and personal sanitation essentials and extra warm clothes like a sweater among others.

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