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Uganda fishing safaris

Uganda fishing safari is an exception and rewarding experience here in the pearl of Africa that travelers should not miss out while on their visit to Africa. Uganda is blessed with a lot of water bodies where fishing on a commercial level is done. Spot fishing in Uganda is only done in two tourism destinations that is in the fresh water showers of Lake Victoria in Ssesse island and in the Albertine river Nile in Murchison falls national park.

Are you searching for the best Uganda safari fishing destination?, please contact Adventure in the wildlife safari so that you can encounter the great Uganda fishing safari memories.

Where to go for the Uganda fishing safaris

As earlier mentioned Uganda safari fishing is done at the river banks of Murchison fall in the Albert Nile and Murchison falls national park is the best spot for Uganda fishing safaris where you get the opportunity to catch the biggest Nile perch that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Although many travelers may have the experience in fishing, for the perfect and incredible spot fishing adventure in the wonderful destination of Murchison falls national park, we usually recommend travelers to make use of our professional guides as they enjoy the activity due to the fact that the guides are well conversant with the Albert Nile river banks.

Another place to enjoy spot fishing is at the Lake Victoria showers in Ssesse island. The lake is the second largest shared by three east African countries. Get an opportunity to catch the Nile perch fish, tilapia fish and cat fish while on your spot fishing adventure.

The fishing methods used in Murchison fall national park and in Lake Victoria for the Adventure Uganda fishing safari are modern methods so as attain the goals of sustainable fishing for future tourism that is why the Uganda wildlife authority emphasis on the policy of catch and release back to the water.

What is the cost of Uganda safari fishing?

In Murchison fall national park, spot fishing will depend on the number of days a travelers is interested in enjoying the activity. The Uganda wildlife authority charges 50 USD for a day per person and 150 USD for 4 days per person. The price excludes park entry fees and equipment to be used while on the remarkable Uganda safari fishing.

Spot fishing can be done on a boat ride of a maximum of 3 people and costs 250 USD per person per day; however the recommended number is 2 persons on the boat only for serious fishing. But if there are very many travelers who would like to enjoy the activity then a larger boat can be organized on special arrangements. Please contact adventure in wild safari for more information regarding the Uganda fishing safari experience.

Spot fishing equipment

For the nile perch and other various cat fish, spot fishing is done using casting lures, the rod should be 11feet which is 3 meters, 8 feet that is 2.4 meters. This is used together with a fixed spool or multiplier real depending on the preferred skills of a traveler.

At same time travelers can bring themselves their own equipment which are recommended for spot fishing or else these will give to a traveler at a fee but normally if damaged or spelt, the traveler has to pay according to the rules and regulations of spot fishing safari as you will brief by the guide.

Best season for Uganda fishing safaris

Just like any other Uganda safari, fishing safaris in Uganda is a year round activity however the best recommended season is during the dry season when there is less rain in the months of December, February, and June to mid-October. For more information please contact adventure in wild safaris and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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