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Uganda Safari Tours

Are you looking for the best Uganda Safari Tours, here are some of the things to do while on your Uganda Safari. Uganda also known as the pear of Africa is one of the best safari destinations in Africa offering a variety of safari options. Uganda has over 10 national parks and game reserves, plus several other areas of interests ranging from cultural sites, beautiful landscapes and water bodies, hospitable people, adventure sports and so much more! This makes Uganda Safari tours as interesting as can be expected from an African Safari.

Top Uganda Safari tour activities

  • Gorilla trekking in the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mghahinga

The Mountain gorillas can only be found in the wild in only three countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Gorilla trekking in Uganda offers you an opportunity to safely track the gorillas at an affordable price as compared to Rwanda and Congo. Uganda Safari tours to see the gorillas are some of the most popular by far as compared to other activities with several tourists coming to Uganda every year to track the mountain gorillas.

  • Uganda Safari tours for Game viewing

The Uganda national parks host a variety of wildlife including the popular African big five (Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes, Leopards and Rhinos). Some of the top national parks to visit while on your Uganda Safari tours for game viewing include the Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale forest national park, Semuliki national park, Lake mburo national park and the iconic Kidepo Valley national park.  The tour packages to see wildlife range from short two to five day trips to the longer six to fifteen day trips and the choice of which tour to book basically depends on the number of days you have for a safari.

  • Adventure sports in Uganda

Do you have an adrenaline rush, Uganda has a variety of adventure sports you can participate in while on your Uganda Safari especially in Uganda’s Adventure Capital, Jinja. These include: Bungee Jumping, White water rafting, quad biking, horseback riding, zip lining, Cycling, Kayaking and so much more.

  • Cultural tours and encounters

Uganda has several cultures which have stood the taste of time, therefore while planning your Uganda Safari tours, its always good to add some cultural aspects to your tour including, visiting some of the communities such as the Batwa, Karimojong who have preserved their traditional lifestyle over time, Visting the Buganda Kingdom and as such understand its significance to Uganda as a country. Buganda is Uganda’s oldest and most organized monarch. Visiting the Bagisu and understanding their cultural norms and tradtions such as the imbalu.

  • Volunteering and charity Uganda safaris tours

If you are interested in volunteering trips, you can always volunteer in Uganda with Non-government organizations or with government agencies. There are several ways to volunteer for example you can decide to do medical camps if you are doctors, teaching, or simply visiting the marginalized groups, skills training and several others.

Recommended Uganda Safaris tour packages

You may be overwhelmed with deciding which tour to choose, here are some of the recommended safari tours which you can choose. These safaris have been designed by our term of expert travel consultants and therefore these trips have been booked by several travelers over the years


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