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Increase In Gorilla Permit Fees In Uganda By July 2024

Increase In Gorilla Permit Fees In Uganda By July 2024

Gorilla permit fees 2024, Price of gorilla tracking permits, Gorilla Trekking permits price, Bwindi Gorilla Permits 2024 price, Mgahinga 2024 trekking permits price By Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on Gorilla permit fees in Uganda. New Gorilla permit fees for Uganda Gorilla trekking as of 1st /July /2024

When do the changes on the gorilla trekking permits take place?

As of January 24,2024, in the enouncement Made, Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA), has revealed its plans to adjust permit fees for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with these changes set to take place as off July, 1, 2024.

gorilla permit fees
gorilla permit fees

Price Ranges Due to the increment in Gorilla Trekking permits Fees

For the foreign No-residents, trekking the gorillas in any of the National parks, the permit fees will increase from $700 to $800 per person trekking the Gorillas. While the foreign residents and East African Citizens trekking permits will increase from $500 to $700 per person trekking.

Why Does Uganda Wildlife Authority increase the price of Gorilla Tracking permits for Bwindi and Mgahinga?

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Director, Sam Mwandha shared insight into the decision stating “After conducting thorough market research and engaging in constructive discussions with multiple stakeholders, UWA has completed a comprehensive review of our conservation Tarriff chat.

This has led to the adjustments in the pricing of some selected park activities. The primary goal of this review was to ensure that our pricing structure remains equitable, competitive and in tune with the current market dynamics and taking in to count the diverse perspective and insight shared during our consultation sessions.

Furthermore, its also stated that the increment in permit fees is intended for the support of the ongoing effort to protect and conserve Uganda’s mountain Gorilla trekking population for the future generation.

These animals are remarkable creatures and are classified as critically endangered species. Therefore, underscoring the importance of bolstering conservation initiatives in Uganda is to ensure their long-term survival.

In addition, Smith the spoke person of UWA emphasized this Saying, “Mountain Gorillas remain critically endangered therefore, supporting the ongoing conservation efforts in Uganda is crucial to the long-term survival of these incredible animals.

He also emphasized that, the revived fee’s structure will provide essential fund for the park operations, law enforcement activities, community projects and also health monitoring of the gorillas habituated for tourism’’.

Note: that Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is a home to over half of worlds remaining population of mountain gorillas. UWA has achieved a remarkable success in the growing population of the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park form 302 in 2005 to 459 in 2019 individuals.

In addition, gorilla tourism plays a crucial role in the development of the communities living around the park’s boundaries. Through generating income and employment opportunities for the local communities which has since then improved on their standards of living.

Despite the increase in the permit fees, Uganda gorilla trekking experience continues to offer excellent value compared to all other East African countries.

Therefore, UWA remains steadfast in its commitment to providing world-class and sustainable gorilla tourism adventures.

The Updated UWA Conservation Tariff Chart of 2024 to 2025

For Verification of the increased gorilla trekking permit fees, View the Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariff Chart Update 2024: CHANGES IN UWA CONSERVATION TARIFF.  As You read on, take note of the increased chimpanzee trekking permit that has increased to $250 for more follow the article: Revised Prices of Chimpanzee trekking permits

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You can still book this early moment for safari since the changes take effect on 1st July this year of 2024// Book Now

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