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Uganda safari big five

Uganda is one of the upcoming top destinations in east Africa that travelers can spot the big five wild animal. Most of the Uganda wildlife safaris base on this ‘big five’ animals to market and sale their safari packages and offers. The historical origin of the term ‘big-five’ was given by the big-game hunters who carried out a practical experiment of hunting these African wild animals and they found out that these five animals where very difficult to hunt, therefore the name big five referred to the very most difficult animals to hunt in the African jungle. And without disagreeing with the big-game hunters, the big five animals are so gentle, aggressive and cunning, they become wild and dangerous when they sense danger or an enemy thus they will always fight back to defend themselves.

Adventure in the wild safaris presents to you the big five package offers that are found in Uganda, we have experience in designing tour packages that can be customized to enable travelers to enjoy the big-five animals in the African jungle. Please feel free to contact us any time so that we can organize your big five Uganda safari,

What are the big-five animals?

The African elephant; these are very gentle, giant creatures, they are herbivorous, they have a thick skin without hair, they have a long trunk, a long upper incisor, large and corn-shaped ears. The uniqueness of the elephant is that it can camouflage in the short and tall Savannah grassland. They play a big role in maintaining the ecosystem since they eat huge junks of grass.

The lions, these are the top most predators, and it is the largest in the cat family and feeds on fresh thus they are

carnivores. The lion is the king of the jungle and it can be spotted in almost all the national parks however famous tree climbing lions are found in Queen Elizabeth national park in the Ishasha sector, Murchison national park, kidepo valley national park, lake Mburo national park, as well as semiliki national park. They prefer the savannah grassland where they can hunt the kobs, zebras and other prey animals.

Leopard, they have a nocturnal nature, very sensitive and fierce, they are carnivorous animals that find on fresh. They are very had to spot though they can be seen very early in the morning while on an early morning game drive. They are found in national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo and kidepo valley national park.

The African caped buffalos, they can easily be spotted and very common while on a Uganda safari game drive and they move in large herds in the savannah vegetation and the males are the heads. The cape buffalos become very dangerous when they have been disturbed by hunters and predators especially if they are wounded. They can be spotted in Murchison falls, national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, semiliki, Lake Mburo national park, kidepo valley national park.

The rhinos; these also large, they have a thick skin and them one or two horns at the nasal bridge. The rhinos have extinct from the national parks due to illegal hunting, but they been conserved in a private nonprofit territory known as Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola which is the only place to find the rhinos in uganda.

Where to find the bid five.

The big five animals can be spotted in almost all the national park parks of Uganda while on an early morning or evening game drive  and others can be seen on a boat cruise in any of the national parks.

Some of the Uganda national parks that travelers can easily spot the big five animals includes, queen Elizabeth national park in south western Uganda in kasese district, the park is famous for the tree climbing lions, large numbers of elephants, although majority of other big five animals can be spotted in this place.

Murchison falls national park which is located in north east eastern Uganda in Masindi district and covering other northern district. This is the largest national park in Uganda and it is a home to the big five animals surviving in the natural environment.

Ziwa rhino sanctuary, this is the only place to find the mountain gorillas, it is a private non- profit animal territory that has been conserved and protected as a home to remaining rhinos in Uganda.

Other national parks where travelers can spot the big five animals include kidepo valley national park, lake Mburo national park,  semiliki national park and others are found in the forest vegetation like Bwindi such as the elephant which camouflage with the environment.

Best time to see the big five

The best time to see the big five is during the dry season and on an early morning or an evening game drive. This is during the months of December to February and June to mid-October when there is no too much rain, and the roads that lead to the national parks are not slippery.

However some travelers prefer to come in the rainy season which is usually the mating season and the safari rates are low compared to that in the dry season since it’s a high season.

Book with adventure in the wild safaris and big five spotting with our English speaking driver guide who will take you through African jungle to search for these animals. Please book with us and for more information about the big five animals in Uganda.

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