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Murchison falls national park


Why choose Murchison falls National park as your destination for your Christmas holidays.

Have you been wondering where to spend your Christmas festivals? Look no further because Uganda, the pearl of Africa has got the best and safe destinations including Murchison falls National Park. Murchison falls National Park, also known as Kabalega National Park is a gazetted park in North- western Uganda, Masindi district about 283 kilometers from the capital of Uganda, spreading inland from the shores of Lake Albert around the Victoria Nile up to the Karuma falls.

Murchison falls National park is the oldest National park established in 1952 and also the largest National park in Uganda covering an area of approximately 3, The park got its name after the visit of explorers that is Samuel and Florence Baker in 1863-1864 who named it Murchison after the geologist Roderick Murchison who was then the president of the Royal Geographical Society.

Murchison falls National Park has a variety of attractions which will make your Christmas holidays festivals interesting and memorable. Among the attractions include;

The mighty powerful waterfalls of Murchison

This is the main attraction at Murchison falls National park. It is believed that the park derived its name from these waterfalls found on river Nile squeezing through the narrow 7m distance rocks into a 50m radius water pool of the Victoria Nile. The force of these mighty powerful waterfalls which roar into a loud sound and spray water around the falls calls and attracts a number of tourists to the National park.

Top of the Murchison falls

View the top of the Nile while at the top of the waterfalls. Sight the small space where the sound of the waterfalls crashes into the water pool of the Victoria Nile and make the experience memorable and unforgettable.

River Nile

The longest river in Uganda and the world at large, whose source is found in Uganda’s city known as Jinja, also flows through the Mighty waterfalls in Murchison falls National park. The river is steamed with a variety of hippos and numerous crocodiles and the different animals and bird species along its sandbanks. Enjoy exploring the river by taking part in the boat cruise experience to the boat of the water falls that is Victoria Nile.

Bird species in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is crowded with about 450 bird species such as rare shoebill stock, goliath heron, the elegant grey crowned cranes, white browned sparrow weaver, Abyssinian ground hornbill, black billed barbet and many others. Enjoy the song like sounds of these birds and sight their beautiful colors along the Nile and during the boat rides.

Animal species

Murchison falls National park is a habitant for over 76 mammal species in its woodland, wetland and savannahs. Among the animals include the hippos, warthogs, buffalos, Uganda kob, elephants and many others. Such mammals will definitely give you the best experience on your safari.

Primate species

Murchison falls national park habituates more than 800 chimpanzees and other primates like olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, the red-tailed monkeys and others. These primates can be found in Kaniyo Pabidi and Budongo forests.


The word Paraa means a home of hippos. In this area, you are going to enjoy both a morning and afternoon game drive where you are to view a variety of hippos, other animal species like elephants and also numerous bird species.

Budongo forest

Another important attraction to view while having a tour in Murchison falls national park. The forest is located in the southwestern part of the park. Budongo forest boasts a diversity of wildlife including the butterfly species, about 24 mammal species, over 460 tree species and about 360 bord species. Explore all these attractions when having a nature walk through the forest.

Besides the above-mentioned attractions, the park has got others like the Karuma waterfalls, Kaniyo Pabidi forests and many others and all these attractions will properly catch your memory and definitely make you to come back for another safari with your family and friends.

Accommodations at Murchison falls National park.

The park has a variety of accommodations ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury. Among them include;

Heritage safari lodge, Pakuba safari lodge, Paraa safari lodge, Amuka lodge, Budongo Eco lodge and many others.



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