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Top Things To Do in Akagera National Park Rwanda

What to do in Akagera | Akagera National Park Activities

Game Drives in Akagera

If you are staying at the Akagera Game Lodge, you can join the game drives they offer, including night drives where you have the opportunity to spot animals not out and about in the day.

Boat Trips in Akagera

Boating on Lake Ihema is a must if you come to Akagera Safari Lodge and the Rwandan Tourism Office. While enjoying the view of Lake Ihema , you are likely to catch sight of numerous hippos and the thrilling outsized Nile Crocodiles. For the bird lovers, there’s an opportunity to observe many water-birds.

Birding in Akagera

With more than 525 bird species, Akagera is one of the best spots for bird watching in Rwanda. The three habitats of the park : savannah, mountain and swamp, encourage a wide variety of birds. Akagera is indisputably the best place in Rwanda to find savannah birds and raptors. It is also well stocked with water birds and less common birds living amongst the papyrus swamps.

Fishing in Akagera National Park

On Lake Shakani from several camping spots in the bush.

Self Drives in Akagera

On entering the park, at the gate, you will receive a map to orientate yourself. You will be offered the option of taking an on-board guide, should you wish to. Guides are experts in spotting animals in the wild, identifying them and they can help you to find your way around the park. The cost to hire a guide is included in your entrance fee although a tip at the end of a trip is expected.

There are many circuits of various lengths, to drive. These offer different game drive experiences as you drive through the varied habitats of the park. A popular one-day drive, leaving from the southern part of the park is to pass all the lakes going north, and turn back when you reach Mutumba Hills.


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