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Akagera National Park Rwanda Attractions

Akagera National Park Attractions – What to see in Akagera National Park

Wild animals

Akagera with its many lakes, is a big game country. A few of the species that you will encounter are buffalo, elephant, zebra, giraffe and a variety of antelope.

Important to note is that Akagera and its lakes arte home to one of the highest concentrations of hippopotamus in Africa. One of the animals that you will also probably also see is the Nile Crocodile which is the world’s largest reptile.

The smaller predators to be found within the park are mongooses, genets, serval cats and side stripped jackals. Also very common in the park, are the primates, olive babbons,, vervet monkeys, bushbabies,  and more rarely silver monkeys . Of the 12 antelope that maybe observed in Akagera , the gracveful impala is the most common and will probably be impossible to miss!

Birds And Birding

With more than 525 bird species, Akagera is one of the best spots for bird watching in Rwanda. The three habitats of the park : savannah, mountain and swamp, encourage a wide variety of birds. Akagera is indisputably the best place in Rwanda to find savannah birds and raptors. It is also well stocked with water birds and less common birds living amongst the papyrus swamps.

Lake Ihema

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