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Honeymoon safaris in Uganda


Why you should spend your honeymoon in Uganda.

Waking up with an early call of nature must be one of the romantic and best experiences to start off your new marriage journey. Uganda is one of the few romantic destinations in Africa which would with no doubt make your honeymoon memorable and unforgettable. Uganda is composed of the golden savannas, a variety of wildlife, the world’s big five animals, and the forest giant gorillas and chimpanzees. View the beautiful blue skies in the hot days and listen to the awesome sounds of different bird species in the comfortable cool nights. Visit the adventurous destinations and choose your accommodation from the bucket- list of lodges, hotels and campsites and definitely begin the best days of your marriage with romance in the bush.

Best honeymoon destinations.

Murchison falls national park

Enjoy hiking to the top of the magical falls of Murchison with your partner, the private boat cruise on Victoria Nile delta which is home to many bird species like rare shoebills and sight some of the aquatic animals like crocodiles, hippos and also enjoy the spot fishers. Have a guided jungle walk through the rainforest of Budongo exposing you to the beautiful sounds of the bird species, the different tree species and also the 4 of the 5 big world’s animals – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. Enjoy your safe romantic nights with your partner in cool and comfortable accommodations at Murchison including heritage safari lodge, Budongo eco lodge, red chili rest camp and others.

Bwindi impenetrable national park

Boast your honeymoon safari with the ultimate giant gorilla experiences at Bwindi impenetrable national park since the park habituates almost a half of the world’s gorilla population. The hikes and walks in the south western thick rainforests with a variety of fauna, bird species, beautiful and colorful butterflies and other attractions will make your safari bright and unforgettable. Spend your romantic nights with the love of your life at the affordable and comfortable lodges and campsites at the national parks like Buhoma community Rest camp, Gorilla mist camp, chameleon hill lodge and among others.

Queen Elizabeth National park

Fancy the best days of your marriage by visiting Queen Elizabeth National park where you are going to sight the rare tree climbing lions in Isasha sector, have a private boat cruise with your partner at Kazinga channel which links Lake Edward and Lake George and have a look at beautiful and colorful bird species, crocodiles and hippos, have a romantic and special game drive at Mweya peninsular where you will spot the 4 of the 5 big animals – elephants, lions, leopard and the African Buffalo and also enjoy the trekking of the giant chimpanzees at Kyambura gorge. Have private and special arranged nights at the accommodations of the park like Mweya safari lodge, Simba safari camp, elephant hab lodge, and different others.

Kibale national park

Visit the primate park and enjoy the playful chimpanzees since Kibale National park has the highest population of chimpanzees in Uganda which is around 1450. Sight the different primates like the gold and silver monkeys, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys and others. Listen and enjoy to the song like sounds of different bird species in the park like blue breasted kingfisher, yellow-rumped tinkerbird, brown crested Aletha and others since the park is a home to about 375 bird species. You do not need to disturb your moments while looking for the accommodations because the park is encompassed with different lodges, hotels and campsites are can be specially prepared for your best days. Among them include- chimpanzee forest guest house, mountains of the moon hotel, kibale forest camp, primate lodge standard rooms and others.

Besides the mentioned destinations, Uganda is gifted with many more like the islands, waterfalls, forests and other national parks which could surely make you honeymoon part of your best days in life.


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