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Buhoma Community Tours / Cultural tours Bwindi

Buhoma Community Tours

Cultural tours Bwindi – While at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you will also enjoy cultural tours at Buhoma. You will have a three hour village walk around the village from which you will encounter with various Bwindi cultural tourscultural activities of the Local Bakiga and Batwa communities and you will as well observer how they are carried out. First of all you will encounter with a handcraft shop where handmade artefacts are sold such as the wood carvings, fabrics, and beeswax candles. These handmade artefacts are made by the local craftsmen and women in this village due to their talents. You will also be able to observe a unique cultural activity of cultural songs and dance performances by the local people of the Batwa community which portrays their past life in the forest. While at this community, you will also meet the Blacksmiths, the amazing traditional healer who treats the sick using local herbal medicine which is got from plants, and you will also meet the teachers and the pupils the the local Primary School. You won’t also miss out observing how juice, beer and jin are made from Bananas. You will taste and see the difference therefore we do believe that you will learn how to do this.

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